WOD Wednesday 13/11/2013

Six rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters

25 Pull-ups


Post time to comments.


Pull-ups anyone!? Would be a great idea to bring some kind of hand protection today 🙂




12 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 13/11/2013

  1. 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 lunnges and sit ups in 10 mins 🙂 miss you guys xxx

  2. 5am
    Lynne 27.54 (mod)
    Lauren.Y 25.39
    Russ 27.45 rxd
    Kylie 25.10
    Britt 25.25 rxd
    Cathy 26.04
    Stevo 25.01 rxd
    Carolyn 23.58 rxd
    Mick.L 26.50
    Sammy 23.00 mod
    Matty.G 22.16 mod
    Shano 26.40
    Tom 23.00 mod
    Kelly 23.45 mod

    Brooke 31.30
    Aimee 25.58 mod (Strict x 15’s)
    Nadine 34.43 (Burpees with 1 foot touch)
    Jaydog 25.32 rxd
    Lozza 30.48 rxd
    Bel 32.17
    Mick.B 23.16 mod (Burpee Pull-ups)
    Pete.B (torn up with 8 reps to go!)
    Mitchy 30.47 rxd
    Millsy 24.46 mod (Burpee BJ overs 20″)

    Bianca 28.34 mod (strict x 15’s)
    Stu Coleman 20.51 rxd
    Cliff 20.47 rxd
    Alli 21.43 mod
    Sue 27.47
    Kendall 19.03 mod
    Dan.W 23.23 rxd
    Cian 32.24
    Kirsten 27.15 mod
    Hayley.G 30.27 mod (strict)

    Ellen 26.25 (mod)
    Corina 28.19 (mod)
    Keffy 24.42 rxd
    Naz ??
    Latch 17.54 rxd
    James 26.53 rxd
    Wog 21.58 (mod)

    Marty 21.31 rxd
    Grant 29.02 rxd
    Aido 19.34 rxd
    LJ 22.38 (mod)
    Macdaddy 25.17 rxd
    Brucey 28.28rxd
    Kurt 26.55 (mod) strict

  3. Wanted to put a shout out to a couple of gutsy efforts this morn, firstly Cian for completing the full six rounds and Bel for pushing through to the end. Well done gals!!

    A well rounded effort by all morning crews 🙂

  4. So very proud of you today Cian you’ve got guts kid and a fire with in you of determination harness that and the worlds your oysterxxx The End

  5. Note to self don’t post daughter does not approve:( She was awesome 🙂

  6. Great step up Cian you are kicking butt!
    Good work to all who did todays wod! I believe there may be a few cherry pickers who did not want to do a few pull ups, hope the cherries were nice 😉 make sure we all make it in tomorrow!

  7. Mmmmm I could go for some chocolate coated Cherrys from the Heath food shop thanx very much for putting that idea into my head latchy. I’ll go tommorra