WOD Wednesday 14/12/2011

For time:
30 Muscle-Ups

Post time to comments.


What are your thoughts on Sleep and Caffeine?, How much sleep is enough for you?, Do you need Caffeine pre Workout??

17 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 14/12/2011

  1. I can’t watch the video on my phone 🙁
    I don’t drink coffee at all and this little nanna needs 8 hours every night!!

  2. Ha ha interesting to listen to this – I have to admit to having a large Mocha every day POST WOD – its not a need but a way of treating myself for finishing a session – interesting to hear they have it pre-workout – must try that kick some morning.

  3. Need to have at least 5 hrs but love to get 8. Love the coffee and have read
    A few articles that say it is good to have one prior to a work out. However, watch out because
    Too much coffee befor training and you may need the loo during the workout and that ain’t
    Good when you are squatting 🙂

    • i believe i may have experienced that phenomenon mid workout once or twice. Not cool!

  4. 5.30am (12 min Cut off)

    Brenno 10.02
    Kurt.H 8.37
    Matty.F 25 reps
    Chase 10.50
    Brucey 12.00
    Adam 10.30
    Lock 6.28 rxd
    Brandoss 27 reps m/ups
    Gemma 10.09
    Alli 8.25

    Cliffo 5.34 rxd
    Mull 6.04
    Dal – skills
    Kristen 7.57
    Kurt N 10.22
    Cal 7.07
    Hayley 7.43
    J.F.K. 7.24 rxd
    Harrisson 10.07
    Ryno 5.48 rxd

    Paula 10.37
    Aido 6.13 rxd
    Livdoggs 5.30
    Mel P 5.35
    Gilli 5.41
    Matty H 21 (m/ups)
    Crossfit 7.29
    Leigha 6.45
    Matty Mac 17 (m/ups)
    Randy 10.55
    Kazza 6.15
    Shano C 6.34 rxd


    You nearly got away with it, Cliff said he will do his 30 muscle-ups shirtless for u tonight! We all look forward to singing Happy Birthday to u mate, cheers

  6. Hey Michelle – here’s to a special day for u chick. Hope it’s filled with fun! U better be in tonight and don’t want to hear the excuse I’m too old for this ha ha ha. Have a good one!

  7. As I opened this website i found myself downing a litre of extra shot icebreak, cofffee for the win!

    Happy birthday Michelle!!!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Michelle ! have a great day – and hope to see you tonight ! 🙂

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