WOD Wednesday 16/02/2011

For time:
21 Dumbell Thrusters (Right) 20kg (12.5kg)
21 Dumbell Thrusters (Left) 20kg (12.5kg)
9 Turkish Get-up (Alternating Arms) 20kg Barbell
15 Dumbell Thrusters (Right)
15 Dumbell Thrusters (Left)
15 Turkish Get-up
9 Dumbell Thrusters (Right)
9 Dumbell Thrusters (Left)
21 Turkish Get-up

Post load and time to comments.

Happy Birthday Scotty.E!!

20 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 16/02/2011

  1. Wow… Ummm… Ow! And, if memory serves me correctly, a Turkish get up with a barbell is gonna be pretty hard! Unless (fingers crossed!!) I’m confused about what it is!!

  2. Happy B’Day SCOTT!

    Turkish getup up – more like TURKISH DELIGHT! ba ha ha ha ha

    • Aww crap, I didn’t read that far! Happy Birthday Scott!!!! I clearly need to be asleep!

  3. Not going to make it today..unless something changes with work..see you all tomorrow…Have fun with this one…eeek!!!

  4. Not liken it, but will be there. 🙂 🙁
    Happy Birthday Scott, have a great day 🙂

  5. 5.45am In order of: Thruster/Turkish Get-up,(BB= Barbell, KB=Kettlebell, DB=Dumbell)
    Tanya 23.37 10kg/8kg KB
    Lauren 24.14 10kg/12kg KB
    Megan 16.45 8kg/6kg BB
    Mim 9.47 (mod)
    Lock Stock 34.42 rxd
    Tommy 23.04 rxd
    Smokin 18.34 rxd

    Cherise 13.03 12.5kg/9kg DB
    Trina 21.2 10kg/6kg BB
    Amanda 16.10 9kg/6kg BB
    Ryno 18.20 10kg/12kg KB
    Shano.C 24.19 15kg/20kg BB
    Richo 24.18 12.5kg/12kg KB
    Karen 16.33/10kg/8kg KB

    Bulldog 21.12 Rxd
    Matt.F 23.35 Rxd
    Lachlan.F 18.54 15kg/20kg BB
    Dale 22.40 17.5kg/20kg BB
    Lyndal 20.46 Rxd
    Mel 21.42 8kg/12kg KB
    Jess 23.24 8kg/8kg KB
    Sara 21.23 4kg/6kg BB

    Lynda 24.47 6kg/12kg KB
    Blakey 26.50 15kg/16 kg KB
    Larns Injured
    Lara 25.05 7kg/6kg BB
    Tim 25.16 7kg/5kg DB
    Gillian 22.23 12kg/8kg KB
    Brooksy DNF
    Rob 24.41 15kg/12.5kg DB
    Nick.Z 17.59 RXD
    Michelle.D 11.00 (mod)
    Michelle.M (mod) 9kg/16kg KB Swings

  6. Thanks for the welcome morning crew!! It’s a different Crossfit world at that wee hour, the body takes a little longer to limber up. I’m happy to sat it was just a cameo appearance by Smokin and Tanners. 😉
    Turkish getups were anything but delightful Karen!! 😉 Was glad that we didn’t have to do Turkish putdowns as well.
    Well Tanners and I are off to the Goldie for a well deserved break after her 180 hrs in 20 days straight work stint!! There is a good gym were we are staying Mick so will post a workout or two to show we’re not totally off the wagon for the week. See everyone soon!! Stay fit peoples, Crossfit!! (ahh that was gay)

    P.s. Happy Happy Joy Joy Birthday Scotty!! I trust your knockin back a few Teddies as we speak, hava a ball mate!!

    • your a funny fecker Smokin ha ha. Oh and enjoy the GYM ha ha you’ll laugh your bollocks off when you see it. Go on just do it outdoors and here’s a good one for starters (just thought I’d share some ideas for ya)

      10 burpees / 10 Situps – 10 rounds for time – Nice little garden outside the gym area were you can smoke it

      and another

      5 burpees / 10 pushups / 15 squats – amrap for 20 mins

      • No, the last one but 10 rds, not AMRAP! That’s what is traditionally done at the Gold Coast, isn’t it?? Stupid workout!

        • I did it in Whistler and did a 20 min AMRAP – friggin good

  7. thanks for the much needed support this morning guys. would not have finished whithout the encouragement! 🙂

    • Mate that was a great effort well done. I am glad that we are finished for the day and all the others still have to go through that one. it was tooooough.

      Well done Smokin that was an awesome job today.

      Good luck everyone..you will need it

      Happy Birthday Scotty

  8. happy birthday scotty!

    im devo i didnt get to see stocktons heart break into thousands of pieces

  9. yip, im guessing that if an exercise has to be given a fancy name, its not going to be something im gunna like !!! C u at 6 ….maybe… haha

    Happy birthday scott, – barry from the hallowed walls also sent birthday wishes!!

  10. Cheers Karen, we’re on our way at the moment, just passing Nudgee. Will give both of those a go over the next 48 hrs and post results. Gilli your a Classic!! Good ole Barry from the Halloooooowed Walls, hahahaha lmao!! Hope Scotts having a good day and not working to hard!! Good luck tonite 5 & 6 oclock crews, it’s a doozy!!

  11. I liked that one, something with a difference! hey lock stock, did you do double reps mate?