WOD Wednesday 17/11/2010


Amrap 12mins:
5 Deadlift
Run 400m

Post load and time to comments.

The first crew!!

23 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 17/11/2010

  1. hope todays turnout will be as good or even better than yesterdays .bring on another awesome day as crossfit 4551

  2. Deadlifts 🙂 try and crack the 100 for 5s… But running Nooooooooo! Oh well only way to get rid of the holiday jiggle haha! See u at 6

  3. I’ll be in at 5, but might be a couple of mins late, not sure how long it will take me to get there from work.

  4. Hey congrats to 4551 and all the members.
    the people and the workouts ROCK.
    Great effort this morn 9.15

  5. 5.45am
    Jayden 85kg/4+300m(80kg)
    Lauren 65kg/4+200m(57.5kg)
    Cyn 42.5kg/5+75m (40kg) (mod-200m run)

    Lock stock 115kg/5+1(100kg)
    Amanda 60kg/4+5+200m(60kg)
    Karen 80kg/4+5+250m(65kg)
    Richo 102.5kg/4+5+150m(80kg)
    Lee.D 70kg/4+200m(65kg)
    Nick 125kg/4+350m(110kg)
    Aido 120kg/5(100kg)
    Bec 40kg 4+5+100m(Welcome)
    Trina 80kg/3+200m(65kg)
    Rob 125kg 4+2(110kg)

    10.15 .com
    Hang Power Snatch

    Brad 77.5kg
    Cliff 62.5kg
    Nick.Z 62.5kg
    Mick 67.5kg

    Nipples 90kg/4 (90kg)
    Ryan 40(kg)/5+250m (40kg)
    Mel Z 85kg/3+5+300m (70kg)
    Lyndall 95kg/4+5+100m (80kg)
    Albert 82.5kg/4+250m (70kg)
    Brucey 145kg/4+5+50m (120kg)
    Tamara 85/3+400m+4 (70kg)

    Larns 95kg/3+5+250m (70kg)
    Lara 60kg/5+150 (50kg) (mod 200m run)
    Gillian 60kg/5+2 (50kg) (mod 200m run)
    Shano 115kg/4+5+350m (100kg)
    Angie 40kg/6 (30kg) (mod 200m run)

  6. First crew can have that 5am start, I meet Aaroon at the old crossfit for the first time and hed been going for 2 years and me 2 & 1/2 years! crazy. I am looking forward to meeting my fellow crossfitters and more social functions!

  7. holy beegeebees!! What a session!! Didn’t look so hard when I was watching Mick and Calippo attack it yesterday… I run like a girl… 🙂

  8. Thanks Cliffy for your help with the runs! Definitely something that is VERY HIGH up on my list of things that need to be worked on!! I’m going to try to get to the morning session tomorrow, but if it doesn’t happen, I’ll be in at 5pm.

  9. Deadlifts definitely not my favourite lift but happy with 95kgs for 5’s. Thanks for the help with them Mick. Slowly getting there. Also a big shout out to BN Cliffy thanks for the encouragement on the run and that ridiculously hard stretching at the end! Love the CrossFit 4551 crew 🙂

  10. Thanks for the tips on Deadlifts Mick… And Cliffy you are an absolute Gem really loving ur motivation the last two wods it really really helps hahaha although i alomst chocked when i was running with ur larnalicious comment hehehe.. Thanks so much lovin it 🙂

  11. bahahahahahhahaha sorry larns i got abit carried away you were going off this sarvo . im ova the moon that you guys enjoy me helping out at 4551 because i love being there with you all cant wait till saturday to join in the team wod with you awesome people

  12. Well done guys! A big shout out to the huge number of PB’s today. Great to see everyone so keen and motivated to train! Thanks heaps to Cliffo “Alan” Davis for motivating the crew and also with the warm down stretching at the end.

  13. Iv’e just clicked on to the BN before your name Cliffo, haha thats gold!!

    • And you were the one that Named him that, ha ha, now thats gold!

  14. HAHAHAHAHA BN CLIFFO!! ah too gooooood
    another RIPPING day at the box! yew