WOD Wednesday 19/09/2012

Five rounds for time of:
20kg (15kg) Plate, Overhead walking lunges, 16 metres
15 Knees to elbows

Let trailing knee gently kiss the ground on each lunge.

Post time to comments.

CF 4551 Mudders, make sure you have all your forms/waivers/gear ready to go. It’s finally here Yeeew!!

15 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 19/09/2012

  1. To Sue and Corina – I was able to grab skipping ropes from the competition on Saturday but won’t be at a 9:15 till Friday most likely so I left them on Micks desk upstairs, there’s a red handle and a blue handle one – both the same length, just adjust them to suit yourselves and first in best dressed for handle colour 🙂 they were $19 each but no rush for the money. If you don’t want them anymore just let me know cause I’m sure someone else will 🙂

    • Thankyou Mel so much I will grab the red one and leave money on desk!! Corina will want the rope for sure she is on holidays for 2 more weeks but she will be wrapped you got that for her. Thankyou heaps

  2. 5.30am
    Shano.G 10.54 rxd
    Alan 9.35 rxd
    Megan 9.43 rxd
    Penny 9.38 (5kg)
    Ellen 9.36
    Carlie 13.44 (10kg)
    Matty.F 11.25 (20kg)
    Paula 12.41 (10kg)
    Tommy 9.31 (10kg)
    Lynne 9.57 (10kg)
    Mick 6.45 rxd

    Shano.C 14.45 (mod)
    Locky 5.47 rxd
    Stevo 13.00 (20kg)
    Cliffo 7.15 rxd
    Pauly 12.35 ??
    Simmo 9.58 rxd
    Alana 9.07 (10kg) Welcome!
    Jayden 12.27 (20kg)
    Sue 10.39 (5kg)
    Pete 12.08 rxd
    Bianca 15.55 rxd
    Chase 18.12 rxd
    Jenny.B 8.03 (10kg)
    Jenni.P 11.18 ??
    Flick 10.25
    Mitch 13.47 ??
    Richo 16.00 (15kg)
    Toby 14.53 rxd

    Kurt H 7.54 rxd
    Chazza 15.19 rxd
    Shano C mod
    Livdoggs 14.15 rxd
    Hayley 10.35
    Shelby 14.37 (5kg)
    Mel P 10/25

    Tanners 8.33 (10kg)
    Smokin 8.38 (mod)
    Scotty E 9.23 (15kg)
    Gilli 9.01 (mod)
    Babsy 9.21 (10kg)
    Karen 12.32 rxd
    Usain 10.38 rxd
    Les 9.17 (mod)
    Alli 8.48 (10kg)

  3. Couldnt make it in today, modified the workout at home
    15kg one arm DB lunge 16m
    15 knees to chest

  4. I did this one after work today


    I will be in the shed more next week, once I get over my next pile of assessment. I’d much rather be training with you all!

    • You go girl what a fantastic time you are on fire!!! Shows all that hard work pays off!! Goodluck with all your assessments!

      • Thanks Sue 🙂 Right back at you! You are really doing so well. I will have to come to a morning session so I can train with you real soon!

  5. Did mod WOD at home,
    5 rounds, 16m lunge 25kg overhead-15 handstand pushups ( 9min 13.)
    All tough murders just wondering if any could give us lift to airport from kawana that would be awesome.

  6. Stu

    You guys need to sort a lift together somehow. Got any mates u can chip some coin to?!?

    • Hey guys (Haley,chase and stevo) have organized lift will be going through caloundr about 12.45 text me your address and I can pick you guys up. 0407 160 606

  7. Cranking sessions guys! Great to be up for the day to see ou all!
    Good luck toughmudders! Hopefully you all come back in one piece 🙂