WOD Wednesday 19/10/2011

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:

Power Snatch 50kg (35kg)
Wallball 10kg (5kg)
Knees to Elbow

Post load and time to comments.

Happy Birthday Lauren!!

23 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 19/10/2011

  1. On the money Nicko!! Jordan by far the most innovative player the game has ever had. Nobody, not even Kobe or Lebron could hold a candle to the exquisite arial ballet that is the MJ Show!! I grew up watching every Bulls game and Jordan Video I could get my hands on. “Come Fly With Me” was one of my personal favorites. Man we gotta play some ball sometime!! There’s a sweet half court down here in Bellvista, lights stay on till 10 pm. Just name a date, grab some guys and we can play a little 3 on 3!! Man I wanna shoot some hoops right now after watching that vid!! Alright, possibly a little too excited right now. 😉

    • i would be soooooooooooo keen for some ball!!!! any time im there.. maybe we could even find some room out side the box to hang a hoop..

  2. smokin joe we had a team last year! we might have to bring you in.
    ah yes me and a few of my school mates always play there, great court!!

    hewitt just lost in a 5 hour marathon!

  3. 5.45am
    Cyn 19.56 (6kg)
    Jodie 28.28 (6kg)
    Meagan 22.58 (6kg)
    Lauren 30.54 (27.5kg)
    Jayden 30.41 (30kg)

    Paul 27.48 (20kg)
    Aoi 20.35 (6kg) mod
    Karen 25.50 (30kg) mod
    Trina 27.35 (30kg) mod
    Bec.C 28.52 (20kg) mod

    Dale DNF (40kg) (round 6)
    Mel DNF (25kg) (round 12)
    Lyndal DNF (round 9) rxd
    Amanda 28.27 (20kg) (20kg)
    Angie 24.27 (6kg) mod
    Matt F DNF (40kg) (round 6)
    Mario 25.49 rxd
    Ryan C 19.34 (20kg)

    Ali 20.15 (6kg) mod
    Lynda 22.50 (20kg) mod
    Gilli 23.08 (20kg)
    Lara 25.53 (20kg) mod
    Larns 22.01 (20kg)
    Tanya 22.53 (20kg)
    Joe 24.53 (30kg)
    Rob W 31.56 (30kg)
    Jess 24.45 (20kg) mod

  4. Happy Birthday Lauren – have a sensational day me darling!

    Would you believe it – I bought Lee his first pair of joggers when he was 3 months old and they were a pair Michael Jordan’s nike’s that was 16.5 years ago ha ha and the legend is still entertaining us. Joe or Nick next time ye are in Bellvista give Lee a shout he’s always at that court playing basketball he loves it.

    p.s I was a mean shooter in my day when I played for the work team.

  5. Sweet guys!! Lets organise a game asap!! Karen, I remember those shoes, “Jordan 7’s” black with red trim, sooo cool!! I wore mine till they fell off me. Nick I watched that match too, finished at 1 am. Hewitt let a few opportunities slip, but I still reckon he played the better tennis. Whata ya reckon that pill was that the coach handed to the ball girl to give to Nalbandian? Coulda been a tic tac for all we know but a very good mind game at the right time by his coach, you know what they say about the power of placebo.
    Alright, so we got Nick, Jayden, Lee and I, who else is in for a little B ball?!!

  6. Happy Birthday Lauren. Sorry I missed this morning guys but I just couldn’t get there. See you all tomorrow morning.

  7. Happy birthday Lauren… Blakey and i shoot hoops most nights at the bellvista bball 🙂

  8. Larns and Blakey too, Sweet!! Lets get ready to RUUMMBLE!!
    Ohh and Happy Birthday Lauren!! Hope ya get spoilt!! 😉

  9. Guys check out the nutrition link for those on Paleo – lots of receipes that Micks added to the site!

  10. Hey Lauren
    happy birthday! Have had to be at work early this week but should be ok for Friday. See you then!

  11. Just wanna put it out there how proud the team are of all having a crack at the Paleo/Zone challenge! The results have been unbelievable so far. Gillian u are a star mate!! 2 dress sizes is an awesome achievement, keep it up!

  12. That workout was crazy! Very close to tears. Absolutely shattered now.

    Had a swim, a Zone dinner done the beach and some diet jelly to recharge. Bring on tomorrow 🙂

  13. Hey Mick don’t forget you can do your dumbbell bent over rows at Goodlife tomorrow, I’ll get you prime mirror space. You’ll fit right in.

  14. Hahaha!! Definately need a hand with the technique as it has been a while, maybe i could share the mirror with Lock stock hey?

  15. lockstock will be so pissed off that your taking his space