WOD Wednesday 20/06/2012

Weighted Pull-ups

Post start and highest loads for working sets to comments.

Get your name up on the board ASAP if your interested guys!!

15 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 20/06/2012

  1. Hi everyone, we have a rental house at Bellvista that has become vacant and we are looking for new tenants. It is a 3 bdr home and we are only looking for $340per week rent. If you or someone you know is interested, please see me at the box, or at the bike shop across from the box.
    (Thanks Mick)

  2. Very disappointing to see no one turn up for the 5.30am session this moning!

  3. 9.15am (Pu=Purple, B=Blue, R=Red, O=Orange, Y=Yellow, P=Pink, U=Unassisted)
    Kristen 1-10kg
    Mick 40-60.5kg
    Sue Pu-R/Y
    Flick O-U
    Chase 10-20kg
    Shelbs Pu-R/Y
    Jenni.P B-R
    Richo U-17.5kg
    Alli 1-15.5kg

    Ryno 5-25kg
    Livdogs 2.5-17kg
    Cliff 20-40kg
    Tamara 6.26 (mod)
    Aido 20-40kg
    Mull U-12kg
    Dal 5-20kg
    Mel.P U-7.5kg
    Harro 10-27.5kg
    J.F.K 20-40kg
    Matty.L 12-24kg
    Mim 5.55 (mod)

    Bianca 5-20kg
    Stu 15-37.5kg
    Karen 10-22.5kg
    Gill U-3.75kg
    Tanners U-.5kg
    Scotty.E U-20kg
    Fiona R across
    Issy Pi-0.5kg
    Shano.C 10-42.5kg

  4. Well done morning crew, awesome efforts by everyone. A great laugh also!

    • Thanks Mick for the inspiration – With everyone on the block watching too…

      I never want to see you dance to Justin Beiber again. Ever.


  5. Hahaha oh Richo, yeah the boys next door were gavin a great old laugh at the setup. The day u see me dancin to that idiot will b the day i die!

    • I seen ya, in fact I think I have it on VIDEO – F*&% Yeah!!!!!

  6. Room workout …5 rounds of 20 pushups, 20 situps, 20 squats (14.39)

    Mick can you put me down for a xl hoody and a small one for wyatt only if
    its got the hulk on it though he reckons 🙂

    • Stevvvvroooooo! Onya dude and hope u weren’t grunting too much in the room bahahaha!

      Richo n Mick don’t temp me with ur Kazz sh*#

      Sue I shall upload ABBA for u ha ha that’s when I reckon the real beasts will come out !!!

      Ps GET AFTER IT……..

      • Hey kazza, I always think that when I workout in my room..
        I am sure they can hear me puffing and jumping around in stuff…
        I tell them the blisters on my hands are from xfit chinups but they don’t believe me…..
        Haha know I know why…

  7. OMG Mick!! Think I was watching the HULK this morning what a fantastic achievement!!!! Imagine the possibilites with ABBA in the background!!!!!
    Stuff Justin Who!!!!!ONYA YOU GUYS ARE GOLD XX

  8. I would like a hoodie please mick without the monster if possible I forgot I had my Crossfit tshirt on when I went into the school principles office I came out with daggers in my back so I think a plain one with 4551 Crossfit would be safer for me if possible!!! I like large please

  9. I saw the photos of the kettle bells tonite michael. I’m suprized you didn’t have pancaked balls after those pullups