WOD Wednesday 24/11/10

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:
Run 200m
10 Deadlift 90kg (65kg)
5 Muscle-Ups (Full-hang)

Post rounds and load to comments.

15 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 24/11/10

  1. 5.45am
    Lauren 5rds+R+10+4 (50kg)
    Jayden 5rds+4 (60kg)
    Nicole 3rds+10+1 (30kg)

    Amanda 3rds+1 (40kg) Pullup, R/Dip
    Lock stock 3rds+10+3 rxd
    Angie 3rds+R+10 (30kg)
    Bec.C 3rds+10 (40kg)
    Scotty.T 3rds+10+4 (90kg) Pullup, R/Dip
    Trina 2rds+R+10+3 (65kg)

    Beck 3+run (30kg)
    Rob 3+run+10+1(90kg) Wb R/Dip
    Sheree 3+run+10+2 (50kg)
    Lyndal 3+run+10+3 (65kg)
    Brucey 2+200+10+1 Rxd

    Nick.Z 6+run Rxd
    Blake 4+run+10 (20kg) Welcome
    Alana 3+run+10 (60kg)
    Michelle 4+run+10 (50kg)
    Gillian 3+run+10+1 (40kg)
    Albert 4+run+1 (80kg)
    Lee.D 3+run+10+3 (80kg)

  2. I must say I find my mornings with crossfit Frustrating, Hard bloody work and it almost always brings me to tears…but for some strange reason I LOVE IT!!

    • oh and Cyn we missed you this morning mate, you went hard yesterday so hope your ok and not to sore? 🙂

    • Your classic Nicole, one day I will wake up early enough to do the 5:45 sesh

  3. that crushed me, look forward to seeing Nick Zanki do this one

  4. Shano and wog will have me easy on this one. I went so bad

  5. Had to work late.. So pissed off I wanted to do this wod.. Friday Mick??

  6. Awesome.. F**k up wog.. Sick of the smack talk and those sticks u call legs ha

  7. i wasnt the one smack talking mateeeeeeee!!!! whats your squat, aahaha