WOD Wednesday 23/11/2011


Spend 15mins working your goat!!

Post load to comments.

14 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 23/11/2011

    • it’s not what you think Lou. It’s totally PG. Promise.

      • hmm..i thought it was just a spelling error…now i’m concerned haha…i’ll be there at 9.15 due to work after 🙂

  1. Michael,

    I will be there tonight, but I may be there a bit after 6.00pm – if that is OK???

  2. 5.45am
    Lauren 32.5-37.5kg
    Rhonda 22.5kg across
    Richo 40-47.5kg
    Alan 42.5-47.5kg (1st Muscle-Up)
    Megan 25-30kg

    Cliffo 40-53.5kg
    Cherise 37.5-40kg
    Adam 60-67.5kg
    Rob 40-45kg
    Tamara 20-30kg
    Brenno 45-55kg
    Corina 25kg across
    Chase 40-47.5kg
    Gemma 12kg across
    Louise 12kg across
    Matt Mack 40kg across

    Ryno 35-42.5kg
    Kazzbaa 25-32.5kg
    Aido 45-50kg
    Hayley 20-25kg (welcome!!)
    Alli 32.5kg across
    Lynda 32.5kg across
    Tanners 20-28.5kg
    Gill 25-35kg
    Scooter 57.5kg
    Kristen 25-30kg
    Katie 25-27.5kg
    Larns 35-40kg

    Livdoggs 30kg across
    Chazza 25-32.5kg
    Paula 25-37.5kg
    Mull 27.5kg across
    Babs 30-37.5kg
    Lara 30-35kg
    J.F.K. 55-60kg
    Matty Mac row 2k
    Shano C “Michael” 19.14 rxd
    Brando 55-60kg
    Michelle 30-40kg
    Leigha 20kg across

  3. Well done Alan on nailing his first muscle Up this morning!! Look out all you young bucks!!

  4. Double unders and I have a few issues we need to sort out tonight!!

  5. Well, Crossfit 4551 coaches your gymnastics certificates have payed for themselves. A pb of almost 5 kgs for my shoulder press for 3’s. Been stuck on 47.5 kgs for 3’s for almost 3 years and 50 for 1 press. The 3 presses for today felt alot stronger, controlled and painfree, thanks to your new Lat and core activation exercises from your gym cert. Looking forward to more constantly massive improvements in the near future at Crossfit 4551 come get some.

  6. Well done today to all who turned out, pumping day for the box!! Was great to see everyone working their weaknesses and nailing a truck load of PB’s!

    Well done to Tanners on her great results in her personal challenge, smashing 12kg and 40cm in total!! Awesome and Congratulations!!

    To the newbies Katie and Haley well done and hope u both felt welcome to Crossfit 4551!

  7. Awesome work Tanya! I guess you’ll be going clothes shopping this weekend 😉

  8. Thanks heaps Mick, I really appreciate all the encouragement you’ve given me and all the great support I have received from everyone at the box, you are all super lovely!! Chuffed to bits 🙂