WOD Wednesday 24/08/2011

4 Rounds of Max Rep efforts:
1 minute: 2fer-1ers 10kg (5kg)
1 minute: Toes to Bar
1 minute: Double Unders

Post load and rep totals to comments.

10 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 24/08/2011

  1. your a bad man mick! not looking forward to this.

  2. 5.45am
    Alan 40/37/43 (5kg)
    Megan 43/35/109 (3kg)
    Shano.G 17/45/176 (10kg)
    Mull 32/8/185 rxd

    Richo 34/52/41 (5kg)
    Chase 37/61/31 (5kg)
    Brenno 37/57/40 (5kg)
    Kazza 37/51/234 rxd
    Brian 40/58/65 (5kg Wallball) mod
    Crossfit 47/26/163 (5kg)
    Aidos 45/54/291 rxd
    Bec.C 58/36/72 (3kg Wallball) mod
    Adam 32/38/86 rxd
    Kristen 33/55/94 (3kg)

    Cliff 44/74/183 rxd
    Rob 16/45/200 (5kg)
    Paula 42/30/108 rxd
    Liv 27/33/102 (3kg)
    Chazz 30/42/100 rxd
    J.F.K 30/45/185 rxd
    Calan 46/61/129 rxd
    Brenno 47/44/48 (5kg)
    Shano.C 44/97/90 rxd
    Ryno 25/51/276 rxd

    Michelle 73/59/73 mod
    Alana 32/13/127 rxd
    Scotty.E 40/40/58 (5kg)
    Shazz 27/19/198 rxd
    Hulk 37/45/232 rxd
    Kurt 32/35/137 rxd
    Corina 39/29/42
    Brandon 35/24/58 rxd

  3. Do ya think that just MAYBE I should work on my toes to bar?

  4. Ohhh looks like a toughy today, unfortunately I cant make it in, getting a spray tan instead.
    Will be back in the box next week Mick, the ladies are off to the Goldy. Shame the pink medicine balls and kettlbells didnt arrive in time for us to take with us….. ;)

  5. Haha Tanners, I will give the KB, DB, Rope and Vest to Joe tonight for u girls!! Would’nt want any of u loosing condition over the weekend. Have a little suprise for the 4 girls when they return on Monday, Enjoy!!!!!!

    • I think I know what he has in mind!!! Give me an F, give me an R A N….!! ha ha Spewing to miss this one. On the night train. Train hard over the weekend girls

      • ha ha thats GOLD Scotty T – poor Girls

        Enjoy your weekend girls!