Team WOD Wednesday 26/02/2014

Come in for a little team fun today!! 








7 Comments on “Team WOD Wednesday 26/02/2014

  1. Happy birthday for yesterday coach . Hope you had a good one. Yesterday’s work wod . 15 weighted v sit ups 15 kettle bell swings 10 thursters and 10 power cleans . 39.28. One of the hardest wods I have done on my life!!!!!!!

    • Cheers Rynoss, yeah you weren’t the only one saying that haha

      Sorry for leaving Stevo off the list of awesome people who had a crack at rxd yesty, well done mate!!

  2. Couldn’t make it in this morning, worked either side of my school shift at the respite house.
    I did 100 double unders
    Then 5 rounds of:
    5 push ups
    10 pistols
    15 db press
    Then 100 double unders
    Didn’t really get a time because I had to hide in the middle or I would have been made to go back to work n