WOD Wednesday 26/03/2014

Split Jerk



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12 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 26/03/2014

    • Lovely Rynoss!!!

      Won’t be long until you hit triple body weight with your 1RM bud 😉

  1. Cheers coach. Today’s work wod. Every 30 sec for ten minutes 1 power clean+ 1 front squat + 1 hang power clean @ 42.5 kg. then squat cleans 50-70kg.

  2. Ryno you are seriously the most dedicated Crossfitter good for you:)
    Thankyou Lochy for your excellent coaching this am I appreciate your words of wisdom:)

  3. 40-45-50-55-60-65-60-60-60-65
    I had to pick the bar of the floor and couldn’t clean 70
    Without risking dropping it, they don’t like big bangs here

  4. Big improvements from the guys in the morning crew! Well done

  5. Welcome to 4551 my hubby Darrell and thankyou to all that made him feel welcome

  6. Welcome Darrell. Good to see you in there with your family. 🙂