WOD Wednesday 26/09/2012

Due to the availability of rowers and the length of today’s session will be opening the gym a little earlier for each of the sessions today and working with a first in best dressed rule. The gym will be open 5am/8.30am/4pm-7pm, we ask that people come in and get straight into the warm-up and be ready to go with the WOD!!

30 rounds for distance of:
Row 30 seconds
Rest 30 seconds

Post distance to comments.

Alan on the rope at Crossfit Body M last Friday before Tough Mudder!!

17 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 26/09/2012

  1. 5.30 am
    Kurt H 4871
    Shano G 4448
    Alan 4610
    Megan 4360
    Carlie 3792
    Craig 4229 (Welcome)
    Ellen 3876
    Daniel 4366
    Lisa 3813
    Lynne 4408
    Paula 3862
    Livdogs 30 rounds – no distance
    Pauly 4461
    Chase 4836

    Mick 5416
    Cliff 4984
    Sue 4142
    Bianca 4658
    Jenny.B 4251
    Mimsy 17.07 (3km Row)
    Jenni.P 4087
    Shelbs 4143
    Harro skills
    J.F.K skills
    Wog skills
    Aido skills
    Suz 4417
    Mitch 4731
    Stevo 5069

    Shano C 4527
    Wog 4505
    J.F.K. 5015
    Flick 3700
    Chazza 4135
    Mull 4191
    Dal 4823
    Mel P 4542
    Gilli 4682
    Scotty E 4992
    Tanners 1343 (3km row)
    J.D. 4113
    Karen 4468
    Michelle 4085
    Babs 4547
    Brucey 23.20 (5km)

  2. Yeh!!!! Welcome Craig and Ellen so awesome to have you guys join this fantastic community of awesome people that rock 4551!!!!Enjoy the pain of the first few weeks:)

  3. Haha did this in the resort we are working at, as the place we are staying at didn’t have a rower. Got busted though but I think he sore the funny side. 4627m

  4. Hey guys back at work and my first day training after been sick for the last week and a half . Feels good to back in to it. Today’s wod mod of tomorrows wod 10-8-6-4-2 of hspu and box jumps of the desk in my room. Also starting some extra strength training 5x 75-80-85 percent of 1 rm back squats.

  5. Thanks Meg’s having a week off has got me keener than ever to get stuck back in to training .