WOD Wednesday 27/06/2012

NOTE: Battle of the Barbell registration opens today and will sell out quick, get registering guys!!


Post loads to comments.

Something very unusual in this photo, can you pick the athlete and what it is? Win a CF 4551 tee or singo of your choice for the first correct answer!!

48 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 27/06/2012

    • Hells yeah Babs – behind u on that one!!!

  1. It’s definitely Johnny wearing shoes.. and socks…

  2. Is he holding the rope backwards with his left hand or is that tape on the handle?

    • Agreed Mel, definately JFK with the funny grip on his left hand..

  3. Mull, who could be mistakenly seen to be engaging in some sort of ‘mobility’ exercise or dip practise???

  4. 5.30am
    Ange 20kg across
    Carlie 20-32.5kg
    Penny 12kg across
    Lauren 40-60kg
    Lisa 12kg across
    Matty.F 65-85kg
    Kasha 30kg across
    Call 50-80kg
    Matty.L 30-50kg
    Kurt.D 20-35kg

    Sue 20kg across
    Bianca 35-50kg
    Pete 35-50kg
    Mull 30-47.5kg
    Suz 20kg across
    Mel.P 45-62.5kg
    Richo 40kg across
    Flick 12-20kg

    Tracey intro (Welcome)
    Liz 12-20kg (Welcome)
    Mull 40-52.5kg
    Dal 45-60kg
    Kristen ??
    Livdogs 40-52.5kg
    Chazza 40-55kg
    Paula 40-50kg
    Jenni 20kg across
    Mimsy 20-30kg
    Aido 60-80kg
    Hulk 70-90kg
    J.F.K 70-85kg
    Harro 60-70kg
    Cliff 70-85kg
    Kurt.N 60-80kg

    Gilli 40-55kg
    Tanners 25-40kg
    Smoke 80-100kg
    Babs 25-40kg
    Karen 35-50kg
    Hayley 35-47.5kg
    Mel.P skills
    Ryno 50-65kg
    Mick 85-105kg

  5. I think the hulk is skipping and landing on a kettle bell?

  6. Looks like top half jfk, bottom half Dale. The perspective looks off like he’s standing close to the base of the bars but mel looks really far away?

  7. Ysh it’s definately JFK top of body but hulks bottom half where it shades into yellow at the bum crack

  8. The skipping rope looks like a white stripe on JFK’s shorts

  9. Bahahahaha love all the comments guys, didn’t realise how busy a plain photo could become!!

    A big shout out to both of my morning crews this morn, probably the biggest improvements I’ve seen in everyone so far. It’s all the little things starting to come together, awesome guys!!

    On an individual note Mel.P is a BEAST, 62.5 (3’s) and still had more in the tank, well done dude!!

    • All right Rhonda,

      Enough guesses already – when are you going to announce the winner so we know what is unusual about this photo?????

  10. It’s JFK unusually wearing shoes and sox and two pits of shirts with a rope around his waist holding his shorts up haha shame!!!

  11. Is that the drawstring at the back off his pants? Pants on backwards?.. So looks like JFKs head but hulks shoes haha

  12. On further analysis it appears to be two athletes re arranged with photo shop into one body clever clever!!!! And as I am new to 4551 and as yet have not had a chance to study the full body of works not sure who is at the top and who at bottom!!!! What a laugh thanks Mick

  13. My workout today-1600m run with a 3min rest, then a 1200m run and a 2min rest, then a 800m run with a minute rest followed by the last 400m run – time 23.56

  14. Aww Olivia loved working out with you. Great job tonight. X

  15. Alright guys, enough of the jokes!

    Yes it was J.F.K and he is wearing shoes surprisingly for a change. I’m gonna call it a dead heat between Mull and Bab’s, reason being I think if it were me Mel that made your comment you would have said you asked a question instead of stating the answer haha ;) All good your both wieners today. Hit me up for your shirt or tee guys, remember it’s only what we have left in stock!

    Thanks for all the answers guys!

    On another note, thanks to all 4551er’s for the awesome turnout today. Everyone’s lifting was phenomenal!! Huge improvements and great to see everyone getting around each other and showing great team spirit. to BIG smoke, thanks for the push brother, nothin like seeing your reaction after you or anyone else nails a lift.

    • You said they’re both wieners today instead of both winners hehehehe ;)

  16. Sorry mick I wrote it on the board thought I wrote it up 40-50kg thanks

  17. Bloody awesome Mel P. and turning up twice on such a crappy day you are my inspirational hero of the week!!! Well done!! Second Hero is Joe your enthusiasm for everyone is contagious keep turning up for everyone else mate you are great energy!!!

  18. Cheers for the Kudos Mick, Kristen and Ryno. Mick you are the Real Deal and it is a privilege to lift with you!! Ryno, You prove at every session that it’s not the size of the dog in the fight that counts but the size of the fight in the dog. You got it in Spades brother!! Kristen, your kind words ring deep, I quite often find it hard to find the motivation to keep turning up for myself, to hear that I am missed when I’m not in is all the motivation I really need!! I Appreciate the sentiment whole heartedly!! See you guys 2moro nite!! 4551, Love getting Some!!