WOD Wednesday 27/11/2013




Post heaviest loads for each to comments.






11 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 27/11/2013

  1. Who else is struggling to walk after yesterday’s wod? I’m in a world of pain!

  2. Happy birthday carol, and Matty f!

    Yep zanki, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus….

  3. Happy Birthday Carol and Happy Birthday Matty F
    Yes Nick but it’s my shoulders and neck!

  4. Yes Nick I am and my WOD was modified. I will probably have to check in to hospital later today as it gets worse as the day goes on. I can hardly walk

  5. A credit to the guys who have rolled up this morning, what an unbelievable morning of PB’s and quality lifting. Myself and Lock were blown away by all your efforts and commitment to want to improve on such a technical movement. Would love to hear how much you all improved or PR’d by 🙂

    A shout out to Grant who had to do the bolt this morn, I reckon this could be the day. Good luck guys!!! 🙂

  6. 5am
    Lynne 20/22.5/27.5
    Britt 20/22.5/25
    Kylie 12-20
    Ryan.G 12/20/22.5
    Lauren.Y 12/20/20
    Mick.L 30/35/45
    Carolyn 20/25/27.5
    Marty 35/50/52.5
    Cam 45/55/-
    Stevo 47.5/60/70
    Leigha 12 across
    Tom 30/35/45
    Shano 35/42.5/50
    Nadine 20/30/35

    Liv 45/50/55
    Paula 12/20/30
    Emma75/82.5/100 (Deadlift)
    Harro 57.5/65/80
    Sarah 20 across
    Mull 30/35/40
    Corrine 12/20/21
    Rani 20/35/37.5
    Reiven 12/20/30
    Jimmy Tech

    Ellen 27.5/32.5/35
    Corina Tech
    Latch 55/65/67.5
    Mick.B 10-1 Touch and Go
    Millsy Skills
    Grant 35 across (broken water)
    Pete.R 30/37.5/42.5
    Mitchy 30/37.5/42.5
    Richo 40 across

    9.15 am
    Bianca 55/60/67.5
    Cian 12 across
    Cliff 30/40/50
    Alli 20/22.5/30
    Sue 20 across
    Stu 50/55/72.5
    Jen.K 20/22.5/30
    Hayley.G 20/27.5/37.5
    Kendall Tech

    Scotty E 65/75/85
    Hingspan 27.5/35/37.5
    Mick E 40/55/60
    Sammy D mod
    Carol 20/22.5/25
    Merv 30/47.5/60
    Brian 6/12/12
    Keffy 65/75/85
    Mattymac 50 across
    Jimmy 30/37.5/50
    Cam 60 1rm

    Critta 20/30/38 (power)
    Hannah 60/67.5/67.5
    Justin 80/87.5/97.5
    Naz 12/20/20
    Marty 35/50/60
    Andy 30/40/50
    Wog skills

  7. Just a quick workout at home between all the moving…. Run 400 m, 30 reps each of pushups, situps, burpees and squats… Sub 11 mins