WOD Wednesday 30/01/2013

For time:
Run 1000 meters
100 Push-ups
10 Snatch 60kg (42.5kg)

Post load and time to comments.


Congrats on first place to the champ!!

25 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 30/01/2013

  1. Thanks Mick. And thanks for everyone else’s comments. It feels so fantastic to be part of the 4551 team. You guys always rock the house on and off the field. If there was a prize for best BOX on the planet 4551 would win it hands down. We would be like tthe love Child of Rich Froning and Annie Thoresdotter…What a thought!! And in the words of my great Pal Smokin Joe “4551 come get some…”

  2. You Da Man Tommy!! Could not have happened to a better athlete or a nicer bloke. I am looking forward to woding with you in the Open!! You are 4551. Cheers Mate!!

  3. Congratulations Tommy what an achievment and reward for all your hard work and determination!!:)

  4. 5.30am
    Lisa.P 17.43 (20kg)
    Leanne 16.54 (6kg)
    Steven 15.06 (6kg)
    Cathy 15.40 (12kg)
    Lynne 20.17 (20kg)
    Megzy 20.47 (20kg)
    Mel.P 22.00 (25kg)
    Justin 11.06 rxd
    Ellen 20.42 (12kg)
    Sarah 19.14 (12kg)
    Alli 14.19 (20kg)
    Liv 21.33 (25kg)
    Jaymee 13.35 (12kg)
    Troy 14.25 (12kg)
    Greg 19.01 (30kg)
    Tommy 16.28 (40kg)
    Paula 12.45 (12kg)
    Corey 10.19 (40kg)
    Call 13.07 (40kg)

    Mick 14.52 (60kg) mod
    Jaydoss 20.45 (30kg)
    Matty.F 21.12 (40kg)
    Paul.G 18.00 (20kg)
    Simmo 23.21 (40kg)
    Hayley 21.50 (25kg)
    Sue 16.30 (12kg)
    Lisa.W 18.27 (12kg)
    Macdaddy 20.57 (40kg)
    Jen.K 22.07 (12kg)
    Jenny.B 18.57 (12kg)
    Bryce 15.29 (25kg)
    J.F.K 14.36 (80kg)
    Pete 21.55 (30kg)
    Cliff 14.30 (45kg)

    Alan 17.34 (30kg)
    Wog 9.13 (60kg) mod
    Shano C 18.41 rxd
    Lock 18.43 rxd
    Corina 24.00 (20kg)
    Brucey 16.23 (30kg)
    Stevo 20.39 (40kg)
    Keiffy 17.26 rxd
    Benny 22.43 (40kg)
    Disco 16.32 (50kg)
    Richo 22.48 (30kg)
    Mull 21.34 (20kg)

    Michael 16.50 (12kg) Welcome
    Gilli 18.14 (12kg)
    Scotty 19.56 rxd
    Tracy 20.56 (12kg)
    Sticksy 12.23 rxd
    Rachie 17.52 (20kg) mod
    Bianca 16.58 rxd
    Smoke 20.29 rxd
    Tanners 12.10 (12kg) mod

  5. Congratulations Tommy. Mr Consistent!

    Happy birthday Harro 🙂

  6. Rock on TOMMY well done mate!!!

    Happy B’day Harro, hope you have a great day.

  7. Lol sorry guys mine is most def 12kg for this morning and even that felt 120 by the 4th rep!! 🙂

  8. Well done Tommy, if anyone deserves it you do. After two knee reconstructions to achieve what you have in the Wodstock series is nothing short of hard work and determination.

    Harry happy birthday – I hope you have an awesome day. I know Johnny will buy you a great birthday present!!!!

  9. Congradulations Tommy, always killing it! Well deserved mate.

  10. Well done tommy!!
    And a happy birthday harro, enjoy mate!

  11. Work wod. Today’s wod mod. 1km on the tready – 100push ups -10 front squats @ 62kg. 11.26 .Congrats again tommy awsome achievement !!!!!

  12. Home wod, 1000m run, 100 push-ups, 10 power clean and jerk (45kg) 18:17

  13. Happy Birthday for yesterday Harry and thanks everyone for your messages. Looking forward to the opens next