WOD Wednesday 30/11/2011

For time:
Run 800m
21 Front Squats 45kg (32.5kg)
Run 800m
21 Back Squats 45kg (32.5kg)
Run 800m
21 Overhead Squats 45kg (32.5kg)

(One weight is to be held for entire workout!!)

Post load and time to comments.

War on the coast! What was your highlight of the event?

16 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 30/11/2011

  1. My personal highlight by far was riding tanners! 🙂
    …sorry smokin

  2. Gotta say you men scream/grunt like bitches ha ha ha great day!

  3. Absolutely freakin awesome video!!! I’ve watched it 3 times 🙂

  4. At least the video makes up for the horrid workout that’s on tomorrow…..

  5. ha ha yeah Larns UNBROKEN – I’ll be all friggen night on the OHS

    • me too Kazza. i might actually be able to do this one if i did the ohs in singles!

  6. Loved the video my highlight from watching iras I wasn’t there, is that you all looked great then but all look even better now !! And WOW Laurens hand Stand push ups awesome!!

  7. Have fun with this kiddies, I will do it in emerald in spirit!
    My favorite part was obviously my own personal milestone of the bar muscle ups unbroken, I felt pretty massive, I still am massive, I’m titanium………
    Also getting a decent shoulder hit from mick ahaha ahhh I broke his shoulder on that one.

    Much love from the wog boyyyyyyyyyyy!
    Stay fast, free and lost at sea
    Xoxo gossip girl

  8. 5.30am
    Rhonda 13.07 (12kg) mod
    Lauren 16.37 rxd
    Nicole 12.00 (mod)
    Tommy 16.16 rxd

    Cherise skills
    Chase 20.10 (30kg)
    Cliff 15.06 rxd
    Adam 18.39 rxd
    Brenno 18.38 (20kg)
    Lynda 22.42 rxd
    Kurt 19.30 rxd

    Gill 22.30 rxd
    Leigha 23.28 (12kg)
    Rob C/O
    Beck L 17.39 rxd
    Ryno 16.08 (20kg)
    Lauren skills
    Jayden 17.05 (20kg)
    Livdoggggs 23.24 (20kg)
    Paula 20.20 (25kg)
    Chazza 21.16 rxd
    Tamara C/O
    Matt H 19.07 rxd
    J.F.K. 15.17 rxd
    Shano C 24.00 rxd

    Aido 14.37 rxd
    Crossfit 17.19 rxd
    Kazza 23.48 rxd
    Brandos 16.50 rxd
    Lou 15.50 (mod)
    Mel P 19.50 (mod)
    Larns 26.15 rxd
    Matty Mac 15.48 (30kg)
    Hayley 16.48 (12kg)
    Smokin 16.46 (30kg)
    Lock 16.22 rxd
    Kris 20.20 (20kg)

  9. Great Vid Cherise!! Agreed Karen, like Bitches!! Bahahaha!! Sticks, Wish I could say Tanners enjoyed it as much as you did. 😉 My Highlight… Tanners on the Overhead Squats!! Drop it like it’s Hot Baby!! Coz it is!! 🙂

  10. Hey Mick, only 3 more hours until Elton!!!!!

    Will call and share the wonderful sound with you!!!

  11. OMG your ears must have been burning, I’ve just jumped online to send you a message from the Prince – he says
    Its a little bit funny this feeling inside and not one of those who can easily hide, I don’t have much money but boy if I did, I’d buy a big house were we both could live!………Any you can tell everybody this is YOUR NIGHT MICHELLE with ELTON……bahhahahahahahhahahah