WOD Wednesday 31/08/2011

Bench Press

Post load to comments.

What is Babs laughing at?? Post best caption to comments!!

11 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 31/08/2011

  1. Maybe the way you spelled her name ??

    Or the way you looked at me with your crazy eyes!! Lol

    Ps. Nice work on the du’s tonight B 🙂

  2. She just heard the creek of her pants splitting…..:-)

  3. 5.45am
    Megan 30-37.5kg
    Alan 50-65kg
    Shano.G 70-85kg

    Cherise 35-47.5kg
    Kurt 50-65kg
    Brendan 60-75kg
    Adam 70-80kg
    Corina 27.5-32.5kg
    Rob 60-70kg
    Kristen 30-35kg
    Richo 50-65kg
    Kazz 30-42.5kg
    Brian 30-50kg

    Ryno 50-65kg
    Lauren 30-42.5kg
    Jayden 50-62.5kg
    Matt.H 90-100kg
    Nick.Z 70kg across
    Cliff 50-75kg
    Livdogs 20-35kg
    Paula 35-47.5kg
    Eliza 20-32.5kg
    Andrew 100-110kg
    Brenno 75kg

    Jess 30-32.5kg
    Aidos 55-67.5kg
    Lara 30-40kg
    Shano.C 65kg across
    Hulk 65-80kg
    Stock 65-82.5kg
    Brandon 87.5kg across
    Babs 47.5kg across
    Gill 30-42.5kg
    Tanners skills

  4. She cannot believe she went to the Goldie on the weekend and can’t believe how crap she is feeling!! 😉

  5. Morning Guys..in Sunny Cairns today but will be back in tomorrow..

    Did the following

    50 Push ups
    50 Sit ups


  6. Bench presss!!
    Everyone asks me how much i can do at school, this will provee(:
    Hahaha Dad your a noob
    See yous all tonight 5pm’ers(: