Gym Rules

Crossfit Caloundra 4551 Gym Rules!

It is important that you turn up to the session on time as the warm-up is crucial for injury prevention, developing and honing skills, improving WOD performance, and reducing next day muscle soreness amongst other things. It also gives you a chance to set your weights, and make necessary adjustments before the workout begins. We totally understand being late once in awhile due to unavoidable circumstances, but we believe that it’s unfair for the coaches and rest of the class when consistently late members squeeze themselves into the workout, and disrupt the flow of the class.

We encourage you to support your fellow CrossFitter with “c’mon, one more rep!” and we hate to see people finish their workout and not give support to those that are still slugging it out! We know that members have good intentions when they start giving coaching cues, but there is a big difference between “c’mon one more rep” and “you need to… ”. One member giving another member coaching cues might offend the person that is doing the workout, or provide misinformation on the technique.
If you see something that looks unsafe, grab a coach, that’s what we are here for!

Every piece of equipment has its own special little place in the gym. If you take it out of that place make sure you put it back when you’re finished. A place for everything and everything in its place!

KIDS: This is a sensitive issue with other businesses sharing our estate. Ensure your child is kept upstairs throughout your entire workout. We are constantly moving large heavy objects around the gym and is a very dangerous atmosphere for children. The driveway is strictly out of bounds as cars and trucks use this on a constant basis for business.

Don’t talk when instructions are being given: We don’t believe that anyone that is talking is being intentionally rude, but it happens quite a lot. When a trainer is giving instructions please cease your chat. The movements we perform are technical at times and large loads are often moved. If you are not aware of a critical instruction due to inattention, you are more likely to injure yourself or someone else.

Please Park outside the gates as we are only designated 2 car parks.

We love the encouraging atmosphere and camaraderie in the gym and we want that to continue. Let’s work together to ensure that all of your fitness goals continue to be achieved and exceeded at CrossFit 4551