Getting started/ Onramp

Getting started with CrossFit 4551 Caloundra is easy. You do not need to be fit or have any prior training experience to get involved. Our client base includes the average everyday person to sports men and women. The common bond between all of our athletes is that they gain satisfaction from improving their physical ability.

One of the first things you are likely to notice is that we don’t look like a modern franchise gym. We don’t have any machines or treadmills and there are no mirrors on the wall. We prefer to use our bodies in the way they were designed to be used by employing functional, real life movements. At CrossFit 4551 Caloundra we train hard, we sweat, we know each other by first name and we share a camerarderie more like that of a sporting team than a ‘modern’ gym.

To find out more, simply give Mick a call at Crossfit 4551 Caloundra (0419 574 808) and organise a time to drop in and have a chat with one of our trainers. You are welcome to observe any and as many sessions as you please. We are sure you find the atmosphere friendly and welcoming.


In On-Ramp, we cover all of the basic movements we perform in CrossFit and slowly introduce the high intensity of a CrossFit workout so folks aren’t just blindly racing into a tough workout and getting hurt. Safety and quality is our priority, so we spend time in the On-Ramp making sure everyone has an idea of what they’re doing before they progress into our classes.

These classes are set up as 3 x 1 hour (approx) sessions and cost $150 up front in CASH (as we do not have eftpos facilities). Students and Pensioners (ID card required) get the discounted Onramp price of $120. This is a “one off” payment that covers all 3 sessions.

By completing an Onramp with 2 or more people for your 3 sessions you save:
From $150 each for adults to $130 each.
From $120 each for students/ pensioners to $100 each.

*Please note: to make this group saving, both your current ID card must be provided and all 3 Onramp sessions must be completed together.

Please feel free to contact us via email, Facebook message or via Mick’s contact number as above.

We look forward to meeting you 🙂