Pauly Robbo “I’m in the best shape of my life!”

After sitting on the couch for 18 months, pushing 100kg and waiting to have a heart attack, I decided to try Crossfit… Best thing I have ever done!! I’m now 55 years old, 84kgs and fitter and healthier than I have ever been. Crossfit…

Kylie’s Inspirational Transformation:

“I’ve lost 8kgs, toned up heaps and I’m so much stronger! I’m doing stuff I never thought possible. I love the atmosphere at 4551 and I feel GREAT”!          

Petey Robbo:

I’ve been going to CrossFit 4551 for 3 years and what keeps me coming back is the results I get. I’m leaner, fitter and doing things I never even thought possible. I’ve enjoyed lots of different comps, the Opens and even had a go…

I’ve lost 9 kilos and I have so much energy !

Karen  KB Says: What are you most proud of since joining Crossfit 4551? How much fitter, stronger and healthier I am and the fact that at my age the way I have improved over the year! I’ve even lost 9 kilos! What is your…

Pete F:

“At CF 4551 We Strive For Progress Not Perfection” Well let me tell you about progress, I started Crossfit 15 months ago, was 51 years of age and 123 kgs, overweight , high blood pressure and couldn’t run more than 50m without heart palpitations….