Petey Robbo:

I’ve been going to CrossFit 4551 for 3 years and what keeps me coming back is the results I get. I’m leaner, fitter and doing things I never even thought possible. I’ve enjoyed lots of different comps, the Opens and even had a go at the Pan Pac Masters Games – for me it’s just about having a go and doing your best. But my wife thinks I just keep getting better the older I get !

I am completely amazed at the goals I’ve achieved so far – of course there are always areas to improve ( for me it’s flexibility ) but I’m still setting goals and still hitting them! ( I love ringing that Green PB Bell! )

The Coaches at 4551 are fantastic – their commitment to every athlete is second to none!

I love coming because of the coaches and the athletes in our awesome box, it just keeps me inspired to WANT to improve everyday.

I always recommend 4551 and tell my mates that we cater for all levels, and then continue to saw how awesome Crossfit is for the next 3 hours or so!

Cos you know what they say – How do you know if somebody does CrossFit ??? They never shut up about it!