Pete F:

“At CF 4551 We Strive For Progress Not Perfection”
Well let me tell you about progress, I started Crossfit 15 months ago, was 51 years of age and 123 kgs, overweight , high blood pressure and couldn’t run more than 50m without heart palpitations. Today though, I completed my first RXD (“as prescribed” workout).

I have realised though if I was meant to be playing in the big boys sandpit I would have taken this up in my teens. But instead – I’ll be very happy to be the fittest person in the retirement village 😉

What I love about 4551 is that everyone is special and every achievement no matter how small is celebrated by all. It’s a real community with such a diverse group of people that all come together as one every session

Thanks Mick and the 4551 Crew – Pete F