Regardless if you’re a beginner or advanced every class your coach will provide you with the advice and modifications you need to achieve your goals. We are here to help you become the best version of yourself.

Here are some of the results from just some of our awesome members:
Scott started the accountability challenge with Mick October 2017 and has completely turned his life around.
From staring down the barrel of future health complications due to poor lifestyle choices, to making positive healthy changes with his nutrition and consistent exercise. His story is nothing short of remarkable.

Scott’s testimonial:
I have been doing the Accountability Coaching with Michael since since October last year and it was the best decision I made after looking in the mirror one morning and not recognising or liking what I saw.
Being away from home a lot of the time it has made me more accountable due to having to report what I have done everyday (and I can’t lie to Michael cos he knows). I have gone from 143kg to 95kg with a lot of hard work but also with the support of my family and just as important the support of Michael through our accountability challenge. The best thing you could do if you feel like nothing is working is do the challenge, it changes your life-just look at me I am proof it works!

Starting weight: 142.7kg
Current weight: 94.9kg (47kg loss)

Gilli (Scott’s wife):
I’ve lost 55kgs and I’ve never been healthier!
When I hit 125kgs I was extremely unhappy with how I looked, but I couldn’t imagine training in a group class. I was wrong – joining Crossfit 4551 was the best decision I’ve ever made! I’ve never been fitter or healthier in my life!

Megzi’s 12.5 kg weight loss journey:
“I called it my “Deal with the Devil”.
I was on a self-destructive path to obesity.
I hated how I looked, how much fitness I had lost, and my motivation and love for training had taken a dive.
That’s when I spoke to “The Devil” and asked for help!
Bonney gave me some realistic goals to reach, with both weight loss and training, and some bloody nasty incentives if I didn’t hit my targets (hence the Devil!!)
For the whole 5 months, Bonney stayed on top of my progress, even getting a little prematurely excited when he thought I missed a session 😂
He was so encouraging, and celebrated my achievements enthusiastically every month.
And the before and after photos are a testament to the hard work we have both put in.
Nutrition, regular training and accountability have been the catalyst to my new found excitement for life, and I’m so thankful The Devil pushed me in the right direction.”

Give it a go and become the best possible version of yourself!!

“What keeps me coming back is the results I get” – Pete


I’ve been going to CrossFit 4551 for 3 years and what keeps me coming back is the results I get. I’m leaner, fitter and doing things I never even thought possible. I’ve enjoyed lots of different comps, the Opens and even had a go at the Pan Pac Masters Games – for me it’s just about having a go and doing your best. But my wife thinks I just keep getting better the older I get !

I am completely amazed at the goals I’ve achieved so far – of course there are always areas to improve ( for me it’s flexibility ) but I’m still setting goals and still hitting them ! ( I love ringing that Green Goals Bell ! )

The Coaches at 4551 are fantastic – their commitment to every athlete is second to none !

I love coming because of the coaches and the athletes in our awesome box, it just keeps me inspired to WANT to improve everyday.

I always recommend 4551 and tell my mates that we cater for all levels, and then continue to saw how awesome Crossfit is for the next 3 hours or so !

Cos you know what they say – How do you know if somebody does CrossFit ?? They never shut up about it!!