Team WOD Tuesday 31/12/2013

In teams of 2 complete the following:


3 Rounds of:

50 Wallball shots 10kg (6kg)

Run 800m




2 Rounds of:

200m Partner Carry

75 Box Jumps 24″ (20″)




1 Round of:

300 Double Unders

400m Farmers Carry 2x32kg (2x24kg)


(All reps are accumulated except the run where both athletes must complete the station together.)


Post loads and overall time to comments.


6 Comments on “Team WOD Tuesday 31/12/2013

  1. OK lets talk about “active rest days”. Paula, Liv, Harry and I went to Kondalilla falls today for a walk and swim. Harry and Liv left early to get to work so Paula and i continued on the 4k walk. First we saw a small gecko on a tree, then a few yards further we saw a huge iguana walking across the path…Then at the bottom of the falls Paula spotted a Snake right at the side of us. Well as you can imagine we put a bit of pace into our walk….5 mins later Paula nearly stood on another f*^%ing Snake….Time to jog outta there…The hour walk took us 30mins….and little did we know we hadn’t finished there…When we got home we saw a few people trying to catch a small stray dog…..Guess what, Tommy and Paula into action again….1hr later, after it biting paula and running me ragged for 4 holes we caught the little runt….And you will never guess its name… BONNY!!!! So we’ve be run ragged by Bonny on our rest day and it looks like we are gonna get run ragged again in the morning by the other fucking Bonny!!

    • Have you been spending time with Richo that’s awesome woops sorry for what you went through but I loved the read:)))

  2. 7am
    Mick – 31.53 rxd

    Dal – 44.40 rxd

    Shano H
    Russ – 40.25

    Millsy – ??

    Cliffo – 32.59 rxd

    Pete R – 35.22 rxd

    Stevo – 37.55 rxd

    Critta – 43.17 (mod)

    Gilli – 50.17 rxd

    Nadine – 34.36

    Cian – 49.15

    Alli – 58.07 rxd

    Suz – 40.13

    Shano S – 44.28

    Carol – 42.24

    Ellen – 48.18

  3. Ali and Sue RXD love it and thank you Ali you made my last day of 2013 epic I’m still smiling:)xoxox