WOD Saturday 11/07/2020

“Filthy 50” For time:50 Box jump, 24″ (20″)50 Jumping pull-ups50 Kettlebell swings, 16kg (12kg)Walking Lunge, 50 steps50 Knees to elbows50 Push press, 20kg (15kg) Bar50 Back extensions50 Wall ball shots, 9kg to 10ft (6kg to 9ft)50 Burpees50 Double unders Rani 18.06 rxd, Alana 23.36…

WOD Friday 10/07/2020

“Hook and ladder” Between 0-5mins:1 Round for time:30 Lateral burpees over the bar30 Power clean and push jerk Between 5-10mins:2 Rounds for time:15 Lateral burpees over the bar 15 Power clean and push jerk Between 10-15mins:3 Rounds for time:10 Lateral burpees over the bar10…

WOD Thursday 09/07/2020

Complete 7 sets of the sequence:1 High hang hang power snatch2 Hang power snatch3 Power snatch Power snatch reps must be touch and go. Post loads for all 7 working sets to comments.

WOD Wednesday 08/07/2020

As many rounds as possible in 12mins:3 Strict pull-ups6 Dumbbell ground to overhead (left), 25kg (17.5kg)6 Dumbbell ground to overhead (right)12 Toes to bar Rx’d+ = Strict C2BP/ 30kg (22.5kg) DBG2OMasters 55+/ Teens = 20kg (12.5kg) DBG2O Post load, option, rounds and reps completed…

WOD Tuesday 07/07/2020

Back squats5-5-5-5-5-5-5 -From the racks. Post loads for working sets to comments.