WOD Friday 21/06/2019

On a 15min clock complete max reps on the following stations: 5mins: Double unders 4mins: Air squats 3mins: GHD sit-ups 2mins: Calorie bike 1min: Ring rows There is no rest between stations. Post total reps completed for each station to comments.

WOD Thursday 20/06/2019

As many rounds as possible in 12mins: 15 Deadlifts, 70kg (47.5kg) 15 Deficit push-ups, 2x20kg (2x10kg) plates 15 Box-jumps, 24″ (20″) Rx’d+ = 80kg (55kg) deadlift, 30″ (24″) box-jump Post load, deficit, height, rounds and reps completed to comments.

WOD Wednesday 19/06/2019

A) Strict press 5-5-5-5-5B) Behind the neck jerk 1-1-1-1-1-Both to be taken from the racks.Post loads for working sets to comments.

WOD Tuesday 18/06/2019

5 Rounds for time:15m Overhead plate lunge, 20kg (10kg)21 BurpeesPost load and time to comments.

WOD Monday 17/06/2019

“Holleyman”Individually or in teams of 2 complete the following,30 Rounds for time of: 5 Wallball shots, 10kg (6kg) 3 Handstand push-ups 1 Power clean, 102kg (75kg)-Alternate rounds with your partner if working in pairs.(Justin 40.42 rxd, Lyndal 39.02 rxd – October 2013)Post loads and…