BOX CLOSED, Rest day Sunday 02/12/2012


14 Comments on “BOX CLOSED, Rest day Sunday 02/12/2012

  1. Happy Birthday Randy and Jenny.B – have a cracking day guys.

    • Happy Birthday Jenny – hope ur having a beautiful day.

  2. Happy Birthday guys have a good one. And as all the girls normally say ” hope u get spoilt rotten “

  3. Happy birthday Savage and Jenny.B! Hope you have an awesome day guys. From me and Al Dog

  4. Happy birthday Jenny and Mr Savage! You both did a fantastic job for yourselves and 4551 yesterday, may all of your dreams come true today!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Randy and Jenny B have a super awesome day!!

  6. Thankyou everyone 🙂 had to leave early for a wedding yesterday so was really disappointing to miss the last wod and felt like I would be letting my team down but when I found out we would be asking sue to take my spot it absolutely made my day! Wish I could have seen you smash that wod Sue you are such a champ! Obviously my first comp and I was so proud to be a part of the 4551 crew your an awesome bunch! Off to Goldy for a few days with the family see ya back in the box Wed:-)

  7. Cheers guys I had a bad arse weekend but look forward to getting mad dog for a fresh week. Thanks again for the gift awesome! Ps tam the cake was fucking awesome. I ate it all over the weekend so I could go back paleo today 🙂