Team WOD, Saturday 29/04/2017


In pairs complete the following,

4 x 4min rounds of:
20 Hang power cleans, 70kg (50kg)
30 Floor press, 2x25kg 2x15kg Dumbbells
Max reps, Double unders

Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

-One athlete works at one time except in the double unders.
-One barbell and set of dumbbells per team.
-Double under reps can NOT start until all HPC and FP reps have been completed.

Post team loads and double under reps each round to comments.


3 Comments on “Team WOD, Saturday 29/04/2017

  1. Just got back from Bali so done home mod wod. 4 rounds for time. 20 hang power cleans 30 floor press 100 double unders. (42.5 kg)Around 5-6 minutes a round did time it .

  2. Catching up on some wods after my holiday. Today’s home wod. “Nick” mod. 12 rounds of 6 hspu’s 10 hang squat cleans @30kg. 24.30