WOD Friday 15/08/2014



Max rep effort at 50% Bodyweight, Barbell Thruster

Post loads and total reps for both parts to comments.






5 Comments on “WOD Friday 15/08/2014

  1. I have been training all week, just forgot to post. Mull and I have also been walking to and from school each day this week, which is about a 6km return trip. It has a few hills in it so it has been good cardio too. About to head down to the shed now for some thrusters!

    Good luck to everyone competing at WODstock, Livdogs and those doing Tough Mudder this weekend. Also go Vinnie at the Gold Coast, I’ll be watching! :)

  2. Great to hear the updates Dalski and cheers hopefully this record rain holds off, won’t help the top weight at all if it’s a mud bath!

  3. Yay, something in my favour!!! haha Part B that is. :)

  4. Crossfit 224 WOD

    DL at 85% 3*2 reps every 2 mins 150kg

    Then for time
    400 run
    20 CTB
    100 DU

    I thought it was an AMRAP and did a second 400 run hahaha