WOD Friday 30/11/2012

Power snatch

Post loads to comments.

Imagine “Fran” with one of those on!?!

8 Comments on “WOD Friday 30/11/2012

  1. If anyone has a spare seat in their car for the ride to wodstock please let me know- 0438124552
    Happy lifting :)

  2. 5.30am
    Carlie 12kg
    Ellen 12-25kg
    Sarah tech
    Tommy mobility
    Paula 12-27.5kg
    Stevo 20-35kg (one arm snatch)
    Randy tech

    Alli 25-37.5kg
    Harro ??
    Sue 12-20kg
    Chase 30-55kg
    Ryno 30-47.5kg
    Livdoggs mobility
    Chazza 30-37.5kg
    Mel P 30-37.5kg
    Justin 70-87.5kg
    Jenni B 20-32.5kg
    Jenny P 12-20kg
    JFK ??
    Lauren B 20-30kg
    Bryce 30-42.5kg

    Chase 10.30 (mod)
    Richo 30-55kg
    Cliffo 30-60kg
    Hayley skills
    Simmo 22.50 (mod)
    Mick skills
    Wog skills
    Scotty E 60-70kg
    Karen skills
    Rachel skills
    Michelle 20-35kg

  3. Wods for last 3 days, surf, surf and surf. Body feels great and pumped for wodstock!!!!

  4. Thankyou Nick so stoked one of my goals ticked yipee!! You are a very patient young man with a great coaching style!!:) Great working with all you guys today and my lifting buddy Jenny congrats to you too smashed it!!!:)

  5. Sorry didn’t get back from camping till just now, yesterday’s WOD for me was a 10min AMRAP 5 push ups, 10 squats, 15 situps and managed to do 7 rounds plus 20min interval running, today 5 rds 1 min max rep pushups rest 1 min, got out 19, 19, 10, 13, 13 plus 20min interval run, good luck to everyone on the weekends, c u all mon, cheers suz