WOD Monday 08/09/2014

Weighted Pull-Ups


“Death By Wallball”
Min 1 = 1 Wallball
Minute 2 = 2 Wallball
Athlete 3 = 3 WB etc etc…

Post load and rounds and reps completed to comments.

6 Comments on “WOD Monday 08/09/2014

  1. What an inspiration – 73!!!!!!! I love his attitude. There are no excuses for any of us. Just keep plodding along. Love his last words – “I think I’ll do CrossFit until I am no more.” That’s my motto (no matter what level/standard that may be at – just keep moving!) :)

  2. Thanks Carolyn! And thanks to everyone for their support this morning was heaps of fun

  3. Thank you Cliff you have done a fantastic job who knew wall balls could be so much fun;) Congrats to Fe on her strict pull ups and awesome to train with Scotty and Gilli:)
    Ryno Stu you guys made it look easy congrats on your numbers!!:)

  4. A huge thanks to Cliffo, Lynne and our coaches for lending a hand whilst I’ve been gone, looking forward to seeing you all and getting back into it tomorrow :)