WOD Monday 12/12/2011


Each minute on the minute for 30 minutes:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Post completed round to comments.

Get inspired Ladies! Anything familuar about their first names??

25 Comments on “WOD Monday 12/12/2011

  1. Had a great day/night at the Christmas party!
    And also enjoyed cheering on the ones doing clash on the coast! Yous all did so well!
    have a good week everyone! See yous when I get home from Melbourne!

  2. They are 3 hero girls not just by name but by nature too hey!

  3. 5.30am (Rounds completed:)
    Megan 9
    Matty.F 8

    Lynda 10
    Kazzba skills
    Brucey 8
    Randall 4 Spewed!
    Chase 4 rxd
    Alli 5
    Kurt.H 24 rxd
    Gemma 8rds
    Corina 5

    Dal 4 rxd
    Mull 4
    Shano.C 17 rxd
    Kurt.N 2
    Lockstock 21 rxd
    Ryno 30 rxd
    Hayley 21
    Joel 16 rxd
    Simmo 30 rxd
    Paula 8
    Tommy 9 rxd
    Chazz 5
    Matty.H 11 rxd
    Adam 8 rxd
    Brucey 26.51 (mod)

    Mel.P 6
    Cliffo 11 rxd
    Gill 5
    Larns 7
    Michelle 13
    Aido 15 rxd
    Hulk 6 rxd
    Nathan 5 rxd
    Matt.Mack 7
    Call 24 rxd
    Jaymi 12
    Tanners 13
    Kristen 6

  4. Ah the day I completed all 30 rounds. Bets on what I can do now??? Haha

  5. Guys can we get an indication of numbers and who ordered a calendar? If u could please post name and how many ordered ASAP, cheers

  6. hey tried to buy a calendar but internet banking said the bsb was invalid or something. helppp

  7. all good got it sorted
    reference is Cauchi 1

  8. Well done everyone on your efforts today!! A BIG 4551 WELCOME to Joel and Simmo from our mates at Crossfit Mooloolaba, was great to have u in and very welcome for a visit anytime. We wish u all the best on your Crossfit Road Trip leading up to the New Year. All 4551’ers make sure u jump on Facebook and like CROSSFIT ROAD TRIP and u will be able to track the guys on their journey!!

    To Ryno and Simmo, well done on completing the full 30 rounds of the WOD today and easily as well!!

  9. 3 calenders Paid cash in full to Kristen massive mike. Enjoyed todays workout , push ups need improvement Friday arvo 4 pm to practice I think

    • Forgot about you! We paid under my name so that it wouldn’t get confused with Scotty and Sheree if we used Lyndal’s!

  10. 2 paid in full under Tanners or Braund….can’t remember? :s