WOD Monday 21/11/2011

Run 400m
21 Kettlebell Swings 24kg (16kg)
12 Pull-ups

3 Rounds for time

Post load and time to comments.

Happy Birthday Babs!!

17 Comments on “WOD Monday 21/11/2011

  1. 5.45am
    Megan 10.38 rxd
    Alan 9.16 rxd
    Rhonda 13.33 (12kg)
    Lauren 8.54 rxd

    Kazz Skills
    Cliff 10.07 rxd
    Cherise 10.51 rxd
    Adam 10.53 rxd
    Gemma 14.51 (8kg)
    Kristen 12.55 (16kg)
    Chase 15.45 rxd
    Aido 8.06 rxd
    Kurt 12.43 rxd
    Corina 18.07 rxd

    Lockstock 7.48 rxd
    Ryno 9.26 rxd
    Matty.H 11.13 rxd
    Brenno 13.58 (16kg)
    Tommy 8.56 rxd
    Scotty.T 13.10 rxd
    Sheree 8.18 “Baby Nutts” CF Mum
    Shano.C 8.41 rxd

    Melissa 18.58 (12kg)
    Louise 14.07 (8kg)
    Leigha 14.03 (8kg)
    J.F.K 8.49 rxd
    Matt Mack 11.26 rxd
    Rob 11.23 rxd
    Beck.L 11.33 rxd
    Call 9.33 rxd
    Jaymee 15.10 (8kg) (Welcome)
    Paula 13.13 rxd
    Tanners 12.10 (16kg)

  2. happy birthday lil sis – cant believe youve been hanging around for 30 years !! have a wonderful day <3 <3

  3. Happy birthday B!! Hope you have a cracking day and enjoy your beautiful family!! I’ll give you your birthday punches next time
    I see you… Straight into the glutes!! 🙂 xx

  4. Smashed my old pb by 2 mins… hopefully stocky does smash my new time

    amazing efffort this morning on your RXD corina was amazing to watch

    happy birthday babs, have a great day yewwww

  5. Well done to both morning crews! A couple of special mentions, first to Corina on her rxd was great to see, u are improving so much each day!! Megan ripping out the previous fastest womens time for Helen, awesome job!! To Aido 8.06 and Lauren 8.54 both top of the board so far and HUGE PB’s!!

  6. Well done Corina, having “rxd” next to your name on these type of workouts is such a great achievement. Keep up the great work. Awesome too for Lauren and Aido!!

  7. Thanks heaps guys! Really, really happy with my first official benchmark RXD! My hands are torn, but my grin is still big!

    Happy B’day Barb, have a great one hon!

    • Go Girl – you are doing really well Corina – keep it up CrossFit Chick! X

  8. Happy happy birthday Babs, hope you had a wonderful day, and fantastic work on the RXD Corina. 🙂

  9. Awesome this a.m Corina it was great watching those pull-ups chest high bloody amazing. You will cut minutes off the next Helen when she comes around next time! Well done Aidan and Megan u r all unreal!! Happy bday Babs. And for those crazy stretcher carriers on Sat yes I have bruises on my thighs didn’t realise where they were from until I read the post. Not sore anywhere though I loved that challenge! Chase and Lauren were great team buddies!!! Kept me going well past my weaknesses!! The BBQ was yummy too thanks Mick & Tamara and Co

  10. Welcome in to the box tonight Jaymee, a great effort mate!! Well done Lockstock on taking top spot on the board for the guys with a smokin sub 8mins and Lauren for the women. To all the other guys who made the scoreboard WELL DONE!!