WOD Sunday 02/09/2012

Clean and Jerk

(Reps are not touch and go, reset each rep)

Post loads to comments.

White men can jump, just add olympic lifting!!

10 Comments on “WOD Sunday 02/09/2012

  1. hey, will be busy until early afternoon.. if anyones going in from 1pm onwards can you let me know plz?

  2. 7.30am
    Megan 43.5kg
    Alan 57.5kg
    Tommy 77.5kg
    Paula 47.5kg
    Stu 80kg
    Lynne 42.5kg
    Sue 22.5kg
    Stevo 80kg
    Lauren 60kg

    • 9.30am
      Cliff 90kg
      Karen 40 tech
      Shano.C ‘JT’ 19.24 RXD
      Paul 60kg
      Heidi 22.5 kg
      Mel.P 55kg

  3. What a great vibe in the box this morning! Well done everyone 🙂

  4. 105kg…….I was doing my reps out on my street when a lovely little ol’ lady thought she could teach me how to lift….she said I should only do 1 at a time, reduce the weight and then make sure I have a hot shower after the session…and then offered me her ab king pro……haha. No disrespect to the lovely lady, I know she was just offering a helping hand…….and she was right about the hot shower!

    • HAPPY FATHER’s Day to all u daddies @4551!!!!!

      Bahahaha that’s epic Justin – bet u were trying ur hardest to stop yourself laughing.

    • That’s beautiful I bet you made her day it’s probably been along time since shes’s had something else to look at and talk about then normal boring day to day things!!! Watch out she will be back with the Goanna oil and her techniques for mobility!!!

  5. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!! Have a good one!!

    • Ryno ha ha I knew you’d do it with the dumb bells yeeeeewww