WOD Monday 03/09/2012

“Filthy fifty”

For time:
50 Box jump, 24″ (20″)
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 16kg (12kg)
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 20kg
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots, 10kg (6kg)
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

Post load and time to comments.

A memorable day in Crossfit, don’t miss it!!

19 Comments on “WOD Monday 03/09/2012

  1. 5.30 am
    Megan – 29.40 rxd
    Shano G – 34.10
    Lozza – 22.32 rxd
    Penny – 35.59
    Lisa – 39.29

    What an awesome effort this morning by you all. You can definitely see the improvements with everyones consistent training.
    Keep up the good work people 🙂

  2. Heya, hadn’t posted for fri and sun

    Friday 10km run with pram, then 4 handstand holds, 50 pushups, 50 lunges, 20 dips on bars


  3. 5 rounds

    20 mountain climbers
    20 super and
    20 lunges
    20 cross overs

  4. Huge thankyou to Karen and Cliff for your awesome encouragement of us all at the 9.15 was a hard one to get through congrats to all you champions on your fantastic achievments!! Just finishing is bloody awesome!!!

  5. 9.15am
    Cliff 20.59 rxd
    Karen 21.05 rxd
    Sue 22.31 (30’s)
    Corina 44.31 rxd
    Kurt N 38.48 rxd
    Paul 43.15 rxd
    Hayley 33.04
    Scotty E 34.46
    Flick 18.22 (mod)

    • 4.45pm
      JFK 19.49 rxd
      Harro 24.22 rxd
      Simmo 29.19 rxd
      Tommy 25.21 rxd
      Chase 33.10 rxd
      Rob 27.07 mod
      Beck 32.01 rxd
      Mel.p 28.34
      Chazza 39.26 rxd
      Paula 34.05 rxd
      Ali 38.38 rxd
      Shano mod

      Bezza 30.44
      Tanners 27.06
      Smokin 29.51 rxd
      Matty Mac 25.40 rxd
      Babs 33.49
      Mull 34.58 rxd
      Dal 26.13 rxd
      Lynne 28.46 mod
      Heidi 28.30

  6. Pumping session this am guys great gutsy efforts, good way to kick start ur Monday!!!!

  7. Thankyou everyone for helping me thru this one, my first filthy 50 rxd, especially Karen and Cliff, you guys have really been my rocks lately, Luv yas heaps.

  8. Hey Aido well done mate great session tonight. Well done Johny top of the board you are a machine

  9. Wow…. huge pat on the back to all who attempted that beast of a workout…
    Did anyone spew????? :P……20km exercise bike ride…pushups and situps too..

  10. Today’s wod. Tomorrows wod mod. Dumb bell thrusters and strict pull ups. Thrusters 30-20-10 pull ups 15-10-5. Some nice filthy fifty times guys. Will do this one when I’m back at the shed.

    • We will happily watch!!!! And cheer you on doing the filthy fifty!!!!!

  11. Spewing I mist the filthy I’ll have to do it on rest day. Well done everyone

  12. Cheers to Aido for keeping the box open for us every night. You’re a good coach…. when you’re not being an ass or telling me I’m fat that is 😉