WOD Sunday 08/07/2012


3 Rounds for time of:
Run 800m
50 Back Extension
50 Sit-ups

Post time to comments.

Happy Birthday Jayden!!

19 Comments on “WOD Sunday 08/07/2012

  1. Happy Birthday Jayden, lookin good buddy, have a great day!!

  2. Very Svelt!! Happy B Day Jaydos!! Spoil him Lauren!! 😉

  3. Happy birthday Jaydog! Hope you have a smashing day buddy.

  4. Thankyou Corina for helping me get finished!!!

  5. No worries Sue, you did great hon!!!

    Happy Birthday Jayden, Have agreat one!!!

  6. 7-9am
    Megan 21.25 rxd
    Alan 17.58 rxd
    Mick 18.55 rxd
    Carly 25.20 (row)
    Karen.D 17.57 rxd
    Stevo 25.27 rxd
    Karen.M 27.04 (row)
    Stu 23.10 rxd Welcome back!!
    Corina 25.47 rxd
    Lynne 24.52 rxd
    Locky 18.06 rxd
    Grant 29.08 rxd
    Suz 26.40 rxd
    Mel.P 27.40 rxd
    Lisa 30.51
    Brian 29.24 rxd
    Bianca 22.12 rxd
    Pete 22.06 (row)
    Lauren 22.17 rxd
    Sue 34.16 (mod)
    Harley skills

    Grant 22:53 rxd
    Cliffo 19:44 rxd
    Ryno 17:18 rxd
    Chase 21:02 rxd
    JFK 19:59 rxd
    Harro 20:06 rxd
    Aido 18:41 rxd

    • Did Michael on Monday afternoon before the front squats. 24.18rxd

      • However, it was me, not her. Didn’t realise that she’d commented last from my laptop.

  7. Happy Birthday Jayden – great pic and hope ur day is filled with wishes!!!! Have a good one mate.

  8. Happy Birthday Jaydo… The girls are bartering well in Bali, singlets for $2 and Vans for $7 hahahah and Beats by Dreyer for $12

  9. Happy birthday jaydos!

    I’ll be opening the shed at 4:30 guys if anyone is keen to get in early.

  10. Happy birthday Jaydos!! Hope today was a cracker buddy!!

  11. Hey Mick where was the post about come in early from 7 can’t seem to find? Just trying to keep up as usual!!!!!

  12. Happy Birthday Jayden!! Make the hangover tomorrow worthwhile!