WOD Sunday 23/12/2012



Five rounds for time of:
Row 1000 meters
200 meter Farmer carry, 24kg (16kg) Kettlebells
20kg (15kg) Dumbbell Waiter walk, 50 meters, Right arm
20kg (15kg) Dumbbell Waiter walk, 50 meters, Left arm

Post loads and time to comments.

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6 Comments on “WOD Sunday 23/12/2012

  1. Well I was going to go in for the Sunday morning session but I think I just changed my mind

  2. Come on Michelle never done a dumbbell waiter walk thought this sounds interesting!! Then watched on you-tube buggar no waiters in this!!:)

  3. F#?k Me Bonney!! What the hell are ya putting this on a Sunday for?? I may not get in every day, but I never miss a Hero!! Have the Spew Bucket Ready!! 😉

  4. 5.00am – 9.00am
    Mull 59.40 rxd
    Dal 40.17 rxd
    Sue 52.49 (12/8)
    Lynne 52.59 rxd
    Alan 41.59 rxd
    Kurt H 40.04 rxd
    Lachy Mc (16/20) Welcome
    Matty F 46.15 rxd
    Megzi 49.30 rxd
    Martin 49.59 (16/12.5)
    Hayley 52.30 rxd
    Smokin 42.49 rxd
    Simmo 40.39 rxd
    Disco 44.45 rxd
    Kurt N 39.46 rxd
    Tommy 42.36 rxd
    Brucey 1.06.49 rxd
    Cliffo 47.33 rxd
    Rachel 47.13 (12/10) mod
    Bianca 40.08 rxd
    Mick 38.44 rxd
    Lock Stock 44.55 rxd

  5. Hey guys as I am unable to participate in crossfit for a while I have decided to take up a new profession/hobby…count and keep time whilst mum and dad work out in the garden 🙂 tonight they did the WOD from Friday.. We renamed it: CHAZZAS APPENDIX WOD!!
    Dad/tommy: 5 rounds rxd
    Mum/Paula: 3 + 400m run rxd

    All quality pull ups, push ups and squats 🙂 chazza approved!
    Great job guys!
    (I could get used to this;))

  6. That is just beautiful families that play together stay together!!! Thinking of you and get better quick miss your smiling face!Your dad is a machine and your mum well she is just inspirational!:)So happy you don’t have to eat any more of that horrible food rice bubbles seriously that’s a worry!!!See you soon!:)