WOD Sunday 24/06/2012

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Chest to bar Pull-ups
5 Ring dips
15 Squats

Post rounds completed to comments.

Get back on those burpees!!

8 Comments on “WOD Sunday 24/06/2012

  1. One of these guys looks a little more worse for wear than the other…

  2. 8am
    Ryno 19+3 rxd
    Karen 8 rxd
    Pete 13 rxd
    Bianca 13rds
    Mull 9rds
    Dal 8+5+1 rxd
    Megan 15rds
    Alan 16 rxd
    Cliff 10+5+1 rxd
    Kurt.N 7+5 rxd
    Hayley 14+3
    Gill 13+1
    Babs 12
    Mick 22+5+5+2 rxd

  3. Well done morning crew, awesome to see Lyndal and Karen going rxd for the first time in a WOD with ring dips, congrats girls a great achievement!!

    • Cheers Iron M – who’d a thought I’d ever get a ring dip – yeeewww thanks for pushing me to do it although they were very slow bahaha in 1’s . And big shout out to Dalski thanks for encouragement whilst its ur firsf ring dip WOD too. Great crew this am – good vibes from the tribes – hell yeah!!!!!

      • Thanks Mick 🙂 Stoked that I can string a few together now! So glad to have got to have done with Deegs. She’s truly inspirational. You kept me going through that WOD Deegs 🙂 Next big challenge will be an rxd of Elizabeth.

  4. 5:30pm
    Aido 20+4 rxd
    Corina 10 (15mins)
    Flick 11
    Mel.P 15+3

  5. Have to monitor this 5.30pm, that big list of names that people put on the board seems to b decreasing.