WOD Thursday 20/03/2014

With a continuous counting clock complete:
5 minutes of: Pull-ups
4 minutes of: Double Unders
3 minutes of: Medicine Ball Cleans 10kg (6kg)
2 minutes of: Burpees
1 minute of: Wallball shots 10kg (6kg)


Post total reps for each exercise individually.


Congrats to both of these girls going unassisted on pull-ups for the first time!!







9 Comments on “WOD Thursday 20/03/2014

  1. Congrats Lauren & Kendall on your pullups! Was great watching you Lauren. You even got 2 didn’t you?? Sorry I missed yours Kendall. Great news and well done both of you. Woohoo!!! 🙂

  2. A special mention and congrats to big Brian on getting his first rxd this morning!!

  3. CrossFit 224 WOD in Melbourne

    For time
    Run 200
    Snatch *30 @40kg
    Run 400
    Snatch *20 @50kg
    Run 800
    Snatch *10 @60Kg
    19.58 RXD

  4. Congrats ladies on your pull ups thats awesome well done:) Congrats to Brian on your first rxd:)

  5. Well done kendall and lauren! gooooood to see you girls progressing so much!

  6. Was at school again today and now I am at Goodlife (living the dream…) so I did the WOD here.


    Had to do 20kg Thrusters instead of Wallball and I used an 8kg ball for the Medball Cleans.

  7. kendall and lauren congrats. All your hard work is paying off

  8. Congratulations to Makka and Starky for both getting there first double unders mid workout! And to all the girls today for killing the pull-ups!