WOD Tuesday 04/10/2016

A) 10mins to set 2-3 October goals, they must be:
Specific: To what you’re trying to achieve.
Realistic: To your own ability.
Achievable: Within 3-4 weeks (the month of October).

*Please bring your NEW goals into the gym with you, make sure these are not your previous monthly goals.

B) 20min ascending ladder of:
1 Wallclimb
50m Farmers carry, 2x24kg (2x16kg) kettlebells
2 Wall climbers
50m Farmers carry
3 Wallclimers
50m Farmers carry
4 Wallclimbers
50m Farmers carry

And so on…

Continue the sequence for the allocated time.

-Each farmers carry is worth 5 reps to your score.

Post load and total reps completed to comments.