WOD Tuesday 30/06/2020

15min Ascending ladder:
1 Snatch, 35kg (25kg)
2 Calorie row
3 Kettlebell swings, 24kg (16kg)
2 Snatches
4 Calorie row
6 Kettlebell swings
3 Snatches
6 Calorie row
9 Kettlebell swings
And so on….

Continue the sequence for the allocated time.

Increment the snatch each round by 1
Increment the calorie row each round by 2
Increment the kettlebell swings each round by 3

Rx’d+ = 42.5kg (30kg) Snatch/ 32kg (24kg KBS)

Masters 55+/ Teens = 30kg (22.5kg) Snatch/ 16kg (12kg) KBS

Post loads rep round and extras completed to comments.

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