WOD Wednesday 03/08/2016

Toni getting her forward roll on!!


A) 20mins to set August goals and work on a skill or goat.

Make sure you bring your NEW goals in and they are:
Specific- To what you’re trying to achieve.
Realistic- To YOUR own ability.
Achievable- Within the month of August (3-4 weeks)

*Note: As soon as you arrive you can put them up on the board, this will give you more time to work on skills/goats. Don’t waste the time!!

B) As many rounds as possible in 14mins of:
14 Kettlebell swings, 24kg (16kg)
28 Double unders

Post load, rounds and reps completed to comments.


2 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 03/08/2016

  1. Happy birthday Carter:) Toni you did great yesterday your wall climbers are strong as.