WOD Wednesday 18/07/2012

10 rounds, each for time of:
15 Push-ups
Sprint 60m
Rest 60 seconds

Post times to comments.

18 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 18/07/2012

  1. So you’re telling me if Smokin brushes his teeth a few extra times he won’t suffer from erectile dysfunction anymore?!?!? Hahaha

  2. I don’t care who you are, or your ability. 150 pushups for ANYONE is hard work – rxd or not!!! Well done to everyone who has a crack at today’s workout.

  3. 5.30am (Score listed in order= Fastest time/ Slowest time)
    Megan 0.55-1.46 rxd
    Alan skills
    Kurt.H 0.25-0.29
    Lynne 0.58-3.45 rxd
    Lisa 1.08-3.25
    Carlie 1.06-1.46 (Row)
    Shano.G 0.33-1.30
    Simmo 0.38-3.25 rxd (First Muscle-up)
    Livdogs 0.41-1.15
    Tommy 0.28-1.05 rxd
    Matty.F 0.35-1.12 rxd
    Mel.Z 1.03-1.42 rxd

    Mel.P 0.34-0.52
    Sue 0.52-1.17
    J.D 2.20-3.00
    Pete 0.31-1.02 (Row)
    Mick 0.29-0.34 rxd
    Corina 1.01-4.08 rxd
    Paul 0.35-1.30
    Hayley 0.45-0.52
    Shelbs 0.57-1.19
    Jenni 0.55-1.35
    Mim 0.40-0.55
    Ryno 0.24-0.29 rxd

    Cliffy 0.34-51 rxd
    Kurt N 0.56-1.43 rxd
    Rob 0.44-4.38 rxd
    Dal 0.43-1.23 rxd
    Mim 3.04-1.55 (5 rds)
    Grant 0.39-1.12
    Mel P 12.54 (mod)
    Lauren 0.36-1.13 rxd
    Jayden 0.28-1.09
    J.F.K. 0.28-0.34 rxd
    Harro 0.34-1.15 rxd
    Beck .40-1.29 rxd

    Kazza 0.30-1.32 rxd
    Bezza 0.48-1.18
    Scotty E 0.34-1.00 rxd
    Suz 0.51-1.43
    Tanners 0.47-1.07
    Tracy 0.49-1.02 (mod)
    Chase 0.31-1.28
    Stu 0.27-0.41 rxd
    Bianca 0.35-1.27 rxd

  4. Congrats to Corina awesome watching you get that rxd today well done. Congrats to Megan, Lynne and MelZ also thats an amazing achievement to do 150 pushups you girls are machines!!!!!!! Go the girl power!!!!!!

  5. Well done to the morning rxd girls, great efforts under fatigue!!

    A couple of other special mentions to Kurt.N yesterday on completing all 21 muscle-ups in the WOD, well done mate!
    To Simmo this morning not even a week into your CF journey and getting his first muscle-up this morning. Also to Mimsy on cracking out 16 rxd consecutive push-ups this morning, well done guys!!

    • Yew love hearing these kinda posts about the crew Onya’s 4551 ‘rs

    • Thanks heaps Mick and to my “support crew” yesterday!

      Well done Mimsy – I heard about how great your pushups were!

  6. Mimsy yipee!!!! What hidden talent up on the top floor that’s awesome congrats!!!! Girl power!!!!!

  7. Cheers Shano . Congrats to minsy on her push ups and also corina on her RXD massives efforts .

  8. Thanks for the encouragement this morning guys. I didn’t know I had it in me. What a brilliant effort this morning Corina – well done.

  9. 20km exercise bike ride(22.56)
    150 situps and 100 pushups

  10. Mimsy you have it and you proved it today Yipee!!!! YOu are inspiring!!!!! Love your work!!!!!

  11. Thanks heaps guys for all your kind words and encouragment!

    And well done again to you Mimsy!!!!!!!

  12. Hows Suz with those unassisted pull-ups tonight, well done champ, yeeeeeew!!

  13. Yeeewwww Suzie was great to sed that big grin on ur face chick when u were pumping them out. Onya girl!!!!