WOD Wednesday 20/07/2016

In teams of 2-3 complete:

100-80-60-40-20 reps for time of:
Double unders
Toes through rings
Burpees onto plate, 10kg (Old black plates)

*Every 10mins perform a 50m Buddy carry.

-One athlete works at one time.
-Accumulate reps however between team.

Post team time to comments.

6 Comments on “WOD Wednesday 20/07/2016

  1. Big efforts from the 5amers and everyone who had a crack in a pair today, not easy in a team of 3!!

    Just want to say a big thanks from all of the coaching staff for everyones attitude and efforts of late. Great to see everyone building that consistency now we have more light in the morning and warmer weather.

    Great to see, it makes me smile 🙂

  2. A big welcome to Dave who came in for his first WOD today and did great, well done mate!!

  3. Coach smiling that’s awesome 😉 welcome Dave to the best box in Aus:)

  4. No rxd for me today, I scaled the double indeed in the last round… Sorry coach I forgot to tell you, or was too exhausted hahaha.

  5. Double indeed…. Wtf? Should read double unders – stupid auto correct !