Skills and drills, Friday 29/06/2012

Today we are giving you the wheel, a chance to maybe look at your goals and tick those short term ones off. A chance also to ask the coaches questions and spend the session improving!!

Carlie fully focused with the rope climbs!

13 Comments on “Skills and drills, Friday 29/06/2012

  1. 5.30am
    Hayley 6 (8kg)
    Tommy 7 (10kg)
    Ange 5 (6kg)

    Flick 5+7 (10kg)
    Jayden 7+7 (12.5kg)
    Harro 8rds (10kg)

    Gilli 4+1+3 rxd
    Ryno “CF Total” 4.82% (New shed record)
    Livdogs 5 (10kg)
    Chazza 5+1+1 (12.5kg)
    Paula 4+3 rxd
    Chase 5+2 rxd
    MacDaddy 5+1 rxd
    Kristen 5+7 (12.5kg)
    Babsy 5+1 (15kg)

    • A big congrats to Sue for not only jumping onto the small box, but then jumping onto the16″ box and got a double under!!
      Only moments earlier she said to me that she hopes that crossfit gets easier!!
      Well done again Sue and keep up the positive attitude!!

      • Ahhhhhh nice one Sue wish I coulda seen ur huge smile when u got ur goals out!! Awesome effort and it comes from ur commitment to go after them and been guide by your coach!!!! Well done chickilicious loo!!!

  2. Won’t be in today πŸ™ Planned a night in Brisbane for Mull’s birthday and wanted it to be on a rest day so we wouldn’t miss a day of training. So I will be in for the 5.30pm session tomorrow πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Tommy, but it’s not for another couple of weeks, getting in early while I’m on holidays and we have a rest day near the weekend!

  3. Yeah well done Sue, a change in attitude is all it took for u to achieve two of your goals today. It would be hard to wipe that smile off your face for the rest of the day. To Pete who was so very close to getting his goal of 50 D/U, pulled up only one rep short but a certainty to hit it next session. Harro well done on crushing 10 consecutive alternating pistols and not far from your HSPU goal. Flick, super effort and improvement on kipping pull-ups, keep it up. Jaydoss, great to see u working that OHS, u can see a huge improvement in your movement.

    Well done guys!!

  4. Hell yeh!!!! Yippee!!! It’s probably hard for some people to understand my fears of jumping and falling and even keeping two legs together when leaving the ground!! It’s not easy for me! However today is a new day!! I’m so stoked I feel like I’ve just climbed a huge mountain called FEAR!! Thankyou Pete I appreciate your encouragement and a big thankyou to Mick for believing in me and always saying you can and you will you are the best coach!!!!
    SO HAPPY!!!!
    Next is handstand against wall!!!! The right way not backwards!!

  5. 5.35 pm Just want to tell someone!!Anyone!!! I’m still smiling!!!!!I think only you guys get me!!! please God let me do it again!!!!! I know I’m a dag!!

  6. Siting down in a seminar all day = just as much mobility needed after a WOD.

  7. Thankyou Bianca seminar sounds like !!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway we missed you today thankyou heapsx

  8. Hey Sue, I just had a look and saw what you acheived today Go girl!!!! AWESOME WHOO HOO!!! now your crackin, keep going hon πŸ™‚