Team WOD Saturday 15/03/2014

In teams of 2-3 complete the following


For time:

80 Alternating box jumps 30″ (24”)

60 Back Squats 100kg (75kg)

80 Alternating Lateral Burpees
60 Partnered Deadlifts 150kg (100kg)
20 Rope climbs, 15 foot ascent


Post loads and time to comments.


Our awesome Friday night cheer squad!!




9 Comments on “Team WOD Saturday 15/03/2014

    • Crittttttttttttttaaaaa nice work mate, didn’t think you’d be in any shape to complete anything haha!!

  1. Love the team wods thanks coach awesome to wod with you Lynda great job:)

  2. Hayy guys did a wod at home
    I did – run 500
    50 push ups
    50 box jumps 24 inch
    40 burpees
    40 kettle bell swings 24kg
    100 double unders
    400 meter run
    Time 22:30

  3. Me and man of steel did 150kg deadlifts mike. Brutal wod this morning mike. kyptinite powers are “hard” to resist man of steel good luck

  4. Feeling sooo sore after 14.3 helpppp!
    Went for a 5km run this morning 25:05 best time I’ve ever done 🙂