Team WOD, Saturday 22/10/2016


In teams of 3-4 complete the following,

For time:
100 Clean and jerk, 70kg (50kg)

Each team must have a pace setter who will push or pull an 80kg (60kg) sled 30m, on the pace setters return the next member of the team immediately stops lifting and pushes the sled 30m. Continue this sequence with the same rotation until all required reps are completed. At the completion of the teams reps, ALL team members must pack up their bar, plates and clips then make their way to the top of the stairs before calling time.

-Any variation of the clean and jerk is acceptable.
-One bar, one load per team.
-Break the reps up however between team members.
-Rotation must stay the same throughout the entire WOD.

Post load and team time to comments.

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