WOD Friday 01/03/2013, Autumn!!

“Reverse Filthy Fifty”

For time:
50 Double unders
50 Burpees
50 Wall ball shots, 10kg (6kg)
50 Back extensions
50 Push press, 20kg
50 Knees to elbows
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Kettlebell swings, 16kg (12kg)
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Box jump, 24″ (20″)

Christy Phillips 17:25.

Post load and time to comments.


24 Comments on “WOD Friday 01/03/2013, Autumn!!

  1. Haha!! Very Funny Mick. Calves blown out from DU’s, Shoulders Shot from HSPU’s, Hams Baked from DL’s and Quads Cooked from Thrusters!! You sure this is the correct Wod?? 😉
    I’ve Stretched and Rolled Out like Pizza Dough, Popped Magnesium like tic tacs and still walking like a young Forest Gump. Yeah I know, Harden Up Smokin!!
    I’ll Harden You up in a minute!! Stupid Muscle Fatigue…
    Rant Over.
    As Sue would Say, The End. 😉

    • Haha Matty!! I knew there was a far more succinct way to express my Rant. Cheers Buddy. 😉

    • Go Matty it’s true it’s that bloody Rabdoe again!!! I can just see Mick’s face now!!!! I hear you Joe love the words!! The End:)

  2. 5.30am
    Alan 22.09 rxd
    Greg 27.30
    Cathy 28.47 (40)
    Mel P 21.46
    Marty 29.59
    Shano 22.48 rxd
    Lynne 32.25
    Corina 36.42 rxd
    Mick E 28.08
    Leanne 28.00 (40)
    Corey ??.19 dick can’t count!!!
    Paula 21.15 mod
    Livdogs 25.18 mod
    Carlie 26.00 mod
    Ryno 25.18 rxd

    7am intro

    Brenno 21.05 (30)
    Sue 43.33
    Matty.F 35.03 rxd
    Clifford 33.22 rxd
    Kurt.N 34.25 rxd
    Kob 35.56 (40)
    Lachlan 19.19 mod
    Paul.G 37.33 rxd
    Alana.M 25.32 rxd
    Jenny.B 40.38 rxd
    Stevo 35.38 rxd

    Mick 23.16 MOD
    Wog 21.55 rxd
    Keiffy 25.19 rxd
    Vidle 20.00 (30)
    Pia 20.00 (30)
    Kristen 25.50 (30)
    Matty Mac ???
    Simmo ???
    Stu 24.30 rxd
    JFK 22.45 rxd
    Smokin 27.25 rxd
    Tanners 18.16 (30)
    Hayley 29.40
    Big dawg 35.05
    Pitas 24.17 (30)
    Chelsea 21.30 (30)
    Brucey 32.36 rxd

    Rach 42.05
    Karen 28.54 (30)
    Mitchy 30.56 rxd
    Mel.P 24.04 rxd
    Justin 21.18 rxd
    Mish 23.50 (30)
    Aido 19.41 rxd

    • Cheesus Mel!! Way to come back and RXD it on your second attempt for the day!! You Crazy Chick!! Well Done.

      • Cheers Smokin! 😀 Wasn’t gunna be beaten!

  3. I never thought the urge to hurl would be a positive but today I count it as a sign of how hard we pushed today. Almost lost it twice as I stumbled out of the box this morning. Progress.

    • As they say Martin, Better Out than In!! As long as you don’t waste any Bacon, Never Waste Bacon!!

  4. CrossFit 224 WOD
    Alternating lunges
    Box jumps
    Tuck ups

    1 min per exercise. 1 min rest FIVE rounds
    572 rxd

    • Nice Wod Tommy!! You will be in fine form for the Opens. 😉 Btw, are you back on the coast by then??

      • Cheers Smokin,

        Back tonight but in Brisbane with Chazza. Back in the box on Sunday….raring to go..

  5. Go Marty! Your killin it mate. Got muscle ups already, sub 30 min F 50. Awesome to see!

    • Thanks Matty. Like I told Mick, I love this. Aches and such aside, I am having a great time finding out how much better i can be. Plus there’s always a damn good group of people in the box pushing their limits alongside.

  6. Thankyou guys for your encouragement and waiting around till morning tea/lunch!! It nearly broke me today one step forward then a day like today 50 backwards!!!

    • Never backwards Sue…we are always learning and moving forward no matter how fast or slow. don’t beat yourself up that WOD is a big test for anyone..and your doin great

    • Sue you did awesome bit hard on the headspace 2nd time around knowing what your in for! Highlight of the morning was you dropping the FBOMB at Cliffy telling him to get moving!!!! LOVED IT!!! Go you good thing:-)

    • No way Sue.. I did not see 1 step backwards from you… Guts and determination was the only thing that was not backward in coming forward today!!

  7. Go the Sue!!! It doesn’t matter about how fast or how slow you went what matters most is YOU FINISHED it. Keep up your good work. 🙂