WOD Friday 04/10/2013

Complete the following:
Weighted Dip, 5 rep max
Rest 5 minutes
Weighted Dip, 3 rep max
Rest 5 minutes
Weighted Dip, 1 rep max

Post loads to comments.

10 Comments on “WOD Friday 04/10/2013

  1. R- ring dip PB- parallel bar PL- parallet

    Marty 10/20/0 strict (R)
    Britt U/3.75/7.5 (R)
    Kylie 10/15/20 (PL)
    Lynne U/U/5 (R)
    Adam U/U/U (R)
    Paula 10/20/30 (PL)
    Liv rings??
    Stevo 20/22.5/30 strict (R)
    Emma U/U/U (PB)
    Nadine U/5/10 (R)
    Rani ?? (PB)
    Reiven 1.4/2.5 (PB)/ U (R)
    Kelly (PL)
    Carolyn 10/20/30 (PL)
    Cam 7.5/10/20 (R)
    Aimee 3.75/5/6.25 (PB)
    Kate PL/10″/10″

    Kaz 5/5/10 (PL)
    Kim 5/10/10 (PL)
    Naz 5/10/10 (PL)
    Latch 32.5/37.5/40 strict (R)

    Bianca skills
    Sue 16″ (PL)
    Jen.k 2.5/5/7.5 (R)
    Russ 7/10/20 (PB)
    Cliff 1.25/2.5/5 (R)
    Pete.B 17.5/20/37.5 (PB)
    Carol 10″/16″/18″ (PL)
    Cian Bent/Bent/Strait (PL)
    Merv 20/25/27.5 (R) strict
    Jayden 20/27/32 (R)
    Wog 27.5/37.5/45 (R) strict
    Dan.W 12.5/32.5/37.5 (PB)
    Bec.W 5/15/20 16″ (PL)
    Hayley.G U/3(PB)/U(R)
    Jess U(PB)/U(R)/2.5(R)


    Mick.B 35/42.5/52.5 (R) strict
    Aido 17.5/22.5/32.5 (R) strict
    Tommy 32.5/37.5/42.4 (PB)
    Ryan.G 10/15/30 (PL)
    Marty 17.5/22.5/25 (R) strict
    James 11/20/27.5 (R) strict
    Grant 32.5(PB)/42.5(PB)/20(R)

  2. Don’t forget to congratulate your fellow mates on Daily Fuel guys – 30 Day Challenge winners were announced last night 🙂

  3. Did this at work on my break

    5/8/15 strict on the rings.

  4. Loredo 6rds
    24 squats
    24 push ups
    24 walking lunges
    400mtr run
    25:50 rxd

  5. I can’t see what I’m typing as it’s yellow font on white background???? So I apologise for the typing.
    Anyway . . . thanks heaps Aido & Mick for the gymnastics class this arvo. It was GREAT! Learnt heaps and exactly what I’ve needed to know for pullups, muscle ups etc etc. That’s the thing about CrossFit , there is ALWAYS something to learn and fine tuning those skills. Breaking down those movements will definitely help. Thanks for making these classes available for us. Can’t wait for the next one!

    • Agree totally with you awesome arvo!!!!

  6. Great gymnastics class Aido! You obviously have a stack of knowledge on the subject! Will the gymnastics sessions build on from each other or will they chop and change movements from week to week? I think it would be great if it continues to build each week rather than working on many different movements for short periods of time!