WOD Saturday 05/10/2013


50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

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16 Comments on “WOD Saturday 05/10/2013

  1. We could not make the gym this morning so Paula and I did the WOD at home

    Paula 10.25 RXD
    Tommy 7.09 RXD

    Paula has to make breakfast 🙂

    BTW – Its bloody hard to see this orange font!!!

  2. Did this for my level testing and board not updated yet 5.02rxd and 5klm run was 20.39

    • Its really hard to see what I am typyibg here but Karen holy!!!! You were flying through your 5km

    • Congratulations Karen you are awesome!:) 5km Omg flying Girl Power☺

  3. 8am
    Mick.B 6.07 rxd/42-45 row/ 4+5+10+6
    Cliff 6.12 rxd
    Corina 9.26 rxd
    Sue 17.38 rxd
    Ryan 11.07
    Lynne 8.22 rxd
    Marty 6.23
    Rach 16.06
    Kaz 12.21 rxd
    Jen.K 8.18 rxd
    Carolyn 7.12 rxd
    James 7.21 rxd
    Joanne 12.30
    Britt 15.14 rxd
    Kelly 13.09
    Mull 8.55 rxd
    Carol 20.24 rxd
    Kim 16.41 rxd
    Brenno c/o
    Nadine 8.29
    Cian 11.40
    Grant 9.55

    • Hailey and I did it today before should session!
      8:22 Emma
      8:30 Hailey


  4. I did Annie and Tuesday’s WOD before I started work @ Goodlife this morning.

  5. So bloody stoked to Rxd a wod been along time between drinks;)!!! Time was crap but yeh!! About bloody time thanks for counting me Carolyn and for the encouragement guys!!:) Very happy me The End☺

  6. Flaming AWESOME ACHIEVEMENT SUE :). On fire girl with your consistency everything is coming together. Go ya good thing :).

  7. 5.03 rxd that’s about a 30 second PB! Wooo

    Then I did this:
    5 min amrap
    3 strict pull ups
    6 strict press @ 42.5kg
    20 double unders

  8. Annie 7:25 p.b by 2 nearly 2 mins then 50 burpee box jumps at 24″ for fun 🙂